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As part of our commitment to exceptional customer care, and our mission to set the standards for cosmetic and weight loss surgery providers, The Hospital Group includes aftercare with all our cosmetic and weight loss surgery procedures, to give you complete peace of mind.

While the outcome of your procedure will be at the front of your mind, the care you receive following the surgery is just as important as the surgery itself.

Our industry-leading aftercare packages allow you to feel good about your new look and confident in the knowledge that your aftercare needs are comprehensively covered.

Weight loss surgery aftercare

At The Hospital Group, we understand that your weight loss journey can be challenging.

That’s why we offer comprehensive aftercare. Depending on the procedure, we offer a choice of 1 to up to 6 years of aftercare. The decision is yours and we are here to help you to achieve your weight loss results.

Your aftercare package includes: 

• Up to 6 years of aftercare*
• Surgical warranty on all our procedures
• Dedicated weight loss support team
• On-going expert dietitian support
• Support of highly qualified nursing team
• 24-hour emergency assistance
• Access to appointments across all our clinics

*The length of your aftercare is dependent on the procedure and package you choose. Please speak to your patient advisor for more details.

Cosmetic surgery aftercare

Throughout your journey with us, we are always with you.

That’s why we offer 2 years comprehensive aftercare with unlimited appointments as standard with our cosmetic surgery procedures.

In addition to this, we also provide an extended aftercare option for breast surgery procedures, giving you additional peace of mind and up to 5 years of aftercare following your surgery.

Your aftercare package includes:

• Post-operative appointments with your surgeon
• Post-operative appointments with your nurse
• Access to a 24-hour support helpline
• Free access to your surgeon and nurse
• Re-admission surgery*
• Full breast implant warranty

Most competitors mention a 10-year implant warranty, however this is from the product manufacturers to cover the cost of the implant, as well as a contribution of £850 towards surgery in the event of a rupture.

This means that should you have a rupture when your aftercare has expired, you will need to pay your provider the majority of the fee again for the actual revision surgery – whereas at The Hospital Group, this is already taken care of within your extended aftercare policy.

Which procedures are covered?

Our aftercare packages, cover all the cosmetic surgery procedures we offer. Whether you’re having breast enlargement, liposuction, breast reduction, a tummy tuck or facial surgery, you’ll be covered by the aftercare programme of your choice, either the standard 2 years or extended 5 years aftercare package for breast surgery.

* If clinical complications occur and your surgeon agrees further surgery is appropriate

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