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Losing weight can be one of the most difficult things to do and the constant yoyo dieting can be soul destroying.  Weeks, months or even years spent following various diets, only to re–gain the weight as soon as you revert to your old eating habits. And let’s face it, not many of the fad diets out there are sustainable in the long term.

For a more permanent solution, weight loss surgery could be the option for you. This might be the first step to managing your weight long term and changing your life for the better. The surgery, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, can often produce life changing results and the aftercare at The Hospital Group can really help with that.  You will have access to a team of specialist nurses and dietitians who are experts in weight loss surgery. The team will support you throughout your weight loss journey and help you in achieving the results you desire.

As part of your aftercare following any weight loss surgery with The Hospital Group, you will receive a year’s free membership to BandBoozled – an online support and information hub that can really help you get the best results from your surgery.

It’s easy to become completely bamboozled by all the information out there about weight loss surgery and you can spend hours trawling through the internet trying to find information to help. Even then, you don’t really know if it has been written by experts in that field so it’s difficult to know what to trust. At BandBoozled you will find a reputable website packed full of recipes, meal plans, and specialist information all written by our experts with over 25 years’ experience in the weight loss surgery industry. After your procedure, it is the aftercare that really makes all the difference in a successful weight loss journey, and the advice and support you will receive with BandBoozled is invaluable.

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Join Sue and Nic at BandBoozled Online Café 

We offer a friendly forum where you can ask questions and be reassured that the advice you get back is from qualified professionals. You can also chat to other members who have had the same surgery as yourself and understand exactly what you are going through. 

The journey after weight loss surgery can be a lonely one, especially if not many people know – so having a like-minded community to lean on can be a huge comfort! 

What’s included at a glance… 

  • An online weight tracker 
  • Loads of tasty recipes from The Kitchen 
  • Meal plans for liquid, soft and textured diet phases 
  • Unique diet plans to keep you on track 
  • Expert support from our bariatric team 
  • Forum to chat to other gastric band patients band patients from The Cafe 
  • Activity and exercise advice from The Gym 
  • Weekly recipes and articles 
  • Weight Mates who share their band experience 
  • Motivational 30-page booklet to kick start your success! 

Sue Norton Registered Dietitian and founder of BandBoozled 

Sue has been a qualified dietitian for over 20 years. She has worked in the private sector and the NHS, as well as freelance. She has written articles for multiple national magazines, developed and run her own chain of slimming clubs, had television appearances, and gained a specialist career in helping people reach their weight loss goals after bariatric surgery. 

Nicola Harris Registered nurse and founder of BandBoozled

During Nicola’s 13 years with the NHS, she specialised in chronic disease management and weight monitoring. Nicola further specialised her role to a bariatric nurse 6 years ago, allowing her to support patients before and after their weight loss surgery. Her job role also includes mentoring and specialist training for other registered nurses and dietitians. 

What’s included?

Your free* 12 month membership to BandBoozled gives you exclusive access to recipes, exercise plans, regular advice from gastric band experts and much more. 

*For full terms and conditions of BandBoozled see here

Health & Support 

If at any point during your recovery you need further support, the team at BandBoozled are here to guide you to the right people who can provide you with the advice you need. Our extensive network and years of experience can take the stress and worry away from reaching out for the extra help you require. 


Monitoring your physical and mental health post a gastric band operation should be your number one focus. Our experts can guide you through every step of your journey. You will be sent regular emails telling you what to look out for and forums where you can find advice on common issues and expert healthcare knowledge. 

Exercise Plans 

It is so important to start off on the right track from day one following your surgery.  You’ll need to manage your exercise plan carefully so you don’t push yourself too hard, too soon. Our blog will share expert tips on managing a consistent exercise plan that suits your lifestyle with real world advice from our active online community. 


Diet Plans 

Diet plans following weight loss surgery can make all the difference to your journey – less complications and greater results! Learning about the gastric band is the first stage in a successful weight loss journey. You need to recognise when food gets stuck, when there is a problem with the band, what to eat after adjustments, what to do before a flight abroad, what vitamins to take, what are textured foods and why are they important, when it’s ok to have soft foods and liquids, what portion sizes are suitable – the list is endless! This is where Bandboozled come in. They can provide help with unanswered questions plus a lot more. 

Hints and Tips 

BandBoozled is a members only slimming club for gastric band patients. BandBoozled doesn’t replace your aftercare with The Hospital Group, it simply offers additional advice to help you get the most from your band and maximise your weight loss. Once you become a BandBoozled member, you will also have access to a wide range of information including, recipes, meal plans, advice on the band itself, managing complications, exercise advice, healthcare and much more.

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All new patients having weight loss surgery with The Hospital Group will be entitled to a year’s free membership with BandBoozled. 

You can also join BandBoozled direct at and receive a free month’s membership if your surgery was before August 2018 for a Gastric Band and before August 2019 for a Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve. 

If you have already had your free BandBoozled membership but it has expired, you can enjoy a lifelong membership at BandBoozled for just £4.99 a month. 


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