08 January 2021

Section 2: Introduction to the gastric band


The gastric band is a tool to assist weight loss. However, for successful results it needs to be combined with positive changes in diet, exercise and behaviour.


The Centre for Obesity Research and Education at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia have reported an excess weight loss of 47% after 15 years (O’Brien et al, 2013) with the gastric band.



Figure 1:

Gastric bands – small (10ml) and large (14ml)

 The band is an effective tool which, once adequately adjusted, works by generating a background of satiety (not feeling hungry) and early satiation (satisfaction) following meals.

 As a result, you need less food and so lose weight. However, it only does 30% of the work - the other 70% comes from you making sensible healthy food choices and increasing physical activity.  Essentially 3 adjustments are required:

  1. Band adjustments
  2. Food adjustments
  3. Exercise adjustments





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