13 January 2021

Section 24: Contact details

Your Surgeon Assistant (who you met on the day you had your initial consultation) coordinates arrangements for your surgery.  You should contact them with any queries in this regard.  Please note that they are not health professionals, however, so they will divert your query to a nurse and/or dietitian if required.


Surgeon Assistant Name:               _________________________


Surgeon Assistant mobile phone: __________________________


Any queries regarding aftercare appointments, nurse appointments or dietitian appointments, or for any kind of advice including medical advice, please contact our Weight Loss Surgery Support team. They will arrange a suitable appointment with a specialist nurse, specialist dietitian, consultant nurse or consultant surgeon.


Telephone                 0845 124 9234 or 0121 445 7547

Email                          [email protected]

Opening hours         Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 5.00pm


Bank holidays: 10am to 4pm (with the exception of Christmas Day & Boxing Day, or those in lieu of these if falling on a weekend)


24 hour urgent advice line             07967 679 525 / 0121 445 7525


Please note this is for urgent advice only. Symptoms we would consider urgent include:


  • Difficulty swallowing fluids and/or your own saliva
  • Vomiting/regurgitation after fluids/drinks which does not settle within 24 hours
  • Vomiting blood
  • Chest pain and/or breathlessness (especially initially after surgery)
  • High temperature (especially initially after surgery)
  • Open, oozing or red operation wound
  • Calf pain (especially initially after surgery)
  • Sudden unexpected abdominal pain that continues for more than one hour
  • Sudden unexpected rise in temperature


In an emergency, always call 999 in the first instance.


Main Switchboard                            0121 445 7500





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