13 January 2021

Section 23: Cosmetic surgery after weight loss

Many patients decide to have body surgery after weight loss. A number of factors can influence your need for cosmetic surgery: your starting weight, your total weight loss, location of excess weight, levels of collagen and elastin in your skin and your age. It is best to reach your target weight before considering further surgery.


Here are the most popular procedures:


Breast uplift:


The surgeon will carefully remove a small section of excess skin from each breast to lift the bust line, giving a more youthful appearance.


Tummy tuck:


This operation involves incisions which are carefully positioned to allow the removal of surplus skin and fat deposits.


Arm lift:

The skin of the upper arm often loses tone or is flabby, either as a normal consequence of the ageing process or following weight loss. The skin sags, creating a loose bag of skin that hangs from the lower side of the arm when the arm is extended.



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