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What is labiaplasty?


What are the benefits?


What are the risks?


Is this the right procedure for me?


What is labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is a surgery designed to reduce the size of the labia and change its shape. Also known as a labia reduction, it is a popular procedure that has been performing at The Hospital Group for many years, and with our senior Consultant Gynaecologist having over 20 years’ experience in this field, you can be sure you are in safe hands 

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After having children, patients tell us that their labia changes and becomes enlarged. When this happens, the labia can be uncomfortable and even painful, leaving women feeling self-conscious. Labial reduction surgery will reduce discomfort that is caused by oversized labia.  

Whilst this may seem like a sensitive topic and very personal to you, and you may feel nervous talking to someone about itwe have a wealth of experience and expertise in gynaecologyOur team of gynaecologistsnurses and surgical assistants will not only take care of you, but also respect your privacy from your first contact with us to your last. 

What are the benefits?

Undergoing labiaplasty can surgically reduce the prominence of your genitals, improving asymmetry and the overall appearance of the labia. 

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As a result, your confidence can be greatly enhanced. After changing the size and shape of your labia you may feel much happier, and it may also make playing sports and wearing tighter-fitting clothes more comfortable. Our expert Consultant Gynaecologists may also advise having some counselling if they feel this may be of benefit to you.

What are the risks?

All surgical procedures pose a potential risk, and it is important know what these are before you go ahead so that you can weigh them up against the benefits your procedure could bring. During your consultations you will talk through these potential complications and you can ask any questions that you have about them.

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As a guide, these could include bleeding, pain, infection, scarring and potential revision surgery.  

Is this the right procedure for me?

Its important to bear in mind that there isn’t an average shape or size for the labia. However, medical research has supported that surgery benefits women who have labia greater than 4cm.  Many women who opt for this surgery will have been experiencing uncomfortable vulval pain due to the prominent size of their labia 

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To ensure you are suitable for the procedure, we would recommend that you have a healthy BMI, have no serious underlying health conditions, and that you are at least 18. 


The Hospital Group is a responsible provider of cosmetic surgery, so we understand that each procedure is different and tailored to your requirements and individual needs. At your free consultation, your surgeon assistant will be able to discuss the surgery with you and let you know the cost.

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Fast Facts

Surgery Time: 1 hour
Time Off Work: 2 weeks
Hospital Stay: 1 night
Full Recovery: From 2 - 3 weeks
Sexual Intercourse: After 4 - 8 weeks
Exercise: After 4 weeks
Scarring: Minimal
Final Results: From 4 - 6 months

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Labiaplasty FAQs

Your journey step by step

More FAQs
How long does labiaplasty surgery take?
Labiaplasty surgery usually takes around one hour under general anaesthetic.
How long will I have to stay in hospital?
Labiaplasty surgery usually takes around one hour under general anaesthetic.
What happens after labia reduction surgery?
After a labiaplasty, you will have a dressing put on in the operating theatre. You will then have a post-op review with a nurse at your local clinic approximately 7 days after your procedure.
Will labia reduction surgery be painful?
You will feel some discomfort following this procedure. However, we will provide pain relief in hospital and also advise on managing any discomfort when you return home. You’ll have a review after 7 and 14 days, and then you’ll see your cosmetic surgeon again after a month so we can ensure that you are recovering well.
When can I return to work after labiaplasty?
We advise that you take one week off work following labia reduction surgery.
When can I resume sexual activities?
Recovery can vary, but you should expect to abstain from intercourse for 3-4 weeks after surgery to allow the area to fully heal.
Will I have any scarring after labiaplasty?
Scarring should be minimal following a labiaplasty and should be hidden as much as possible within the natural folds.

Next steps

Your journey step by step

Your first appointment

Your journey with The Hospital Group begins with a free telephone consultation with our friendly surgeon assistants. During this conversation you can talk through why you are interested in surgery, how much it costs, how much recovery time you will need, and potential surgery dates. Whenever you decide to book a surgery date, you can secure it for a minimum refundable deposit of £500.

If you would like to proceed, we will book your surgical consultation.

Your surgical consultation

During this consultation you will talk about your goals for surgery and go through your medical history to ascertain whether you are a suitable candidate for this procedure. You will also discuss the results you might expect, as well as the possible risks and complications of surgery. Our specialist surgeons are extremely knowledgeable, so they can answer any questions you might have.

If you feel you would like to go ahead, you will then be referred to a clinic nurse for pre-operative assessments and tests.

The surgery

You will see your surgeon on the day of your surgery so that you can talk through any final questions and read through the consent form. The whole surgical team will be introduced to you before heading into theatre for the procedure.

The specifics of the surgery will be discussed prior to the day – you will find out how long it will take, the types of anaesthetics used, and they will talk you through the procedure itself.


The surgeon will let you know whether you will need to stay in the hospital overnight. You might feel swollen and tender for a while, but this is completely normal and should settle fairly quickly. We’ll provide any pain relief you need whilst you’re in hospital.

Your nurse will call you once you get home to make sure you feel okay and book you in for your post-operative review in the clinic when needed. We’ll also give you our 24/7 patient helpline number so that you can speak to a member of the clinical team at any time.


At The Hospital Group, we offer a full package of aftercare support with all our cosmetic surgery procedures to give you complete peace of mind. You’ll benefit from the following aftercare: unlimited post-op appointments with a member of our clinical team whenever you need them, surgical cover for 2 years – revision surgery where clinically indicated, additional days’ stay in hospital when needed, additional medication and dressings at no extra cost, and emergency telephone support which you can use at any time.

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