02 July 2021

A focus on inclusion and diversity: Meet our LGBT ambassadors

Transform Hospital Group’s commitment to the LGBTQ+ community isn’t just limited to Pride Month – our support continues 365 days a year.  

We’d like to share our latest initiative with you. We recently teamed up with the LGBT Foundation to create a team of dedicated ambassadors at Transform Hospital Group, who will help us deliver on the LGBTQ+ pledge we made as an organisation in January 2021.  

What will our LGBTQ+ ambassadors do?  

Our LGBTQ+ Ambassador programme hasn’t been implemented as a stand-alone action, but rather as an addition to the wider ongoing efforts we’ve detailed within our pledge to achieve inclusion in the workplace, as well as in society as a whole. Our newly-appointed LGBTQ+ ambassadors will promote and champion diversity in our organisation.  

We’ve chosen five colleagues from the host of people who volunteered as Ambassadors. They’re eager to champion innovative ideas, and work together to ensure inclusion and diversity are at the heart of what we do going forward. In preparation for their new ambassador roles, the team will participate in the LGBT Inclusion Champion Programme, courtesy of the LGBT Foundation’s Training Academy. They’ll take 10 modules, and will emerge as Gold, Silver or Bronze Champions at the end of the programme.  

What they learn on the LGBT Foundation programme will allow our Ambassadors to make a significant contribution to how we move forward as a business in the diversity and inclusion arena. They’ll be our points of contact for everything from how we phrase our copy to the support we provide to our LGBTQ+ charity partners.  

Who are our LGBT champions?  

Our select group of ambassadors is made up of people from locations across our organisation. Our Clinical Services Director, Christine Mozzamdar, is joined by Group HR Manager Korina Cook, Brand Executive Jenna Robertson, Reception and Administration Manager Karen Barlow, and Surgeon Assistant Joanna Williams.  

Christine says of her experience as an ambassador so far: “Along with my fellow volunteers, I’m thrilled to be undertaking what is such an important piece of learning and development, and carrying out a role that will help promote further inclusion both within and outside of our business.  

“We can all benefit from broadening our understanding of LGBTQ+ inclusion and increasing our knowledge of the issues faced by the community, to allow us to help and support in a meaningful way.  

“Our business is unique in that we already work very closely with transgender and non-binary patients through our Identité offering which provides specialist care, so anything we can do to enhance the care we provide and foster a culture of inclusivity and authenticity is absolutely vital.” 




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