Breast implant options

Are you considering a breast enlargement to give yourself larger breasts?

Getting your head around the different breast augmentation options can be a tricky task. It’s not just as simple as saying ‘I want big boobs’. There are a quite a few considerations you need to think about before making your final decision. For example:

  • What bra size would you like to be?
  • What shape are your looking for?
  • Which breast implant size do you prefer?
  • Which breast implant brand would you like to use?

These are just some of the questions you’ll need to ponder as you start your hunt for the perfect chest.

Picking the perfect breast implant shapes and brands

Choosing the best breast enlargement shape for you is a personal decision based on the look you’re trying to achieve. Women aiming for fuller breasts tend to use round silicone implants, while oval or contoured silicone implants are designed to give a more natural appearance.


Motiva, one of the breast implant suppliers used by The Hospital Group, splits its implants into four shape categories:

  • Mini
  • Demi
  • Full
  • Cors

These four broad shapes are offered in both its Motiva Round and Motiva Ergonomix ranges and each will have a different effect on your final bra size.

Mentor, another brand used by The Hospital Group, offers two types of breast implants:

  • MemoryShape breast implants: ideal for those looking for a teardrop shape
  • MemoryGel breast implants: which can be set in four different options: moderate classic, moderate plus, high, and ultra-high profile.

Whatever you decide for your breast enlargement, it’s important to take your time, assess your options in full, and get expert and experienced advice.

Getting reliable and trustworthy breast enlargement advice

Whenever you’re considering cosmetic surgery, it’s crucial to feel you have someone you can trust who is prepared to give you honest, upfront and neutral advice.

At The Hospital Group, our experienced cosmetic surgeons take time to discuss your specific breast implant needs, understand why you are looking for a breast enlargement, and what your ideal outcome is. It is the same customer-focused, supportive process we carry out for every single one of the thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures we carry out each year.

During your breast implant consultation, your surgeon will talk to you about price, risks, the procedure itself and what to expect as you recover from the breast enlargement surgery. They’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have about any aspect of the process, including breast implant size, shape and feel.

Your patient care coordinator will also be on hand at that initial consultation, giving you the chance to meet a key member of your personal care team who – if you decide to go ahead – will be by your side for every step.

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