30 October 2020

Boob jobs and Babies: Having a boob job after having a baby

Having a boob job after having a baby

Having a baby and becoming a mother is a wonderful and life-changing experience. Here at The Hospital Group, we understand that your body will have gone through serious changes to get there.

Although completely normal and of course, to be expected… if your boobs aren't quite the same after having a baby and you are considering a breast lift then you're not alone. If there are changes you would like to make, we are here to help you achieve your goals - your surgeon will be able to answer all of your boob-related questions in a consultation but for now, we can give you a head start on just a few of your quandaries about having a boob job after having a baby.

When is the best time to have breast surgery?

Before having children or in between pregnancies.

There is no 'best time' to have a boob job but if you haven't started your family yet then it's important to remember that your boobs may change during pregnancy. Having a baby affects breasts with implants in the same way that it affects breasts without them. So, if you gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, the skin of the breast can stretch, which can naturally lead to sagging afterwards. With this being said, you can have breast surgery in between pregnancies although we would advise that you wait a minimum of six months to ensure that your body is ready to undergo surgery.

After having children

If you have completed your family then you won't need to think about how pregnancy may affect the look and feel of your breast implants.

But we thought it would be useful to point out that if you already have children and are planning a breast uplift or augmentation, then you will need to factor in that you will need someone at home to help you in the first few weeks following your surgery. You will need around two weeks off work depending on the nature of your job and you might find it difficult to stretch and lift your arms during recovery, so you will definitely need some help!

Can you breastfeed with implants?

Most likely...

You will be able to breastfeed following a breast enlargement and your implants shouldn't get in the way.

Will a breast lift affect my ability to breast feed in the future?

There is a slightly higher risk regarding your ability to breastfeed involved in a breast uplift than a breast augmentation or enlargement, although every effort will be made to ensure that your milk ducts are not affected during surgery.

We will discuss all possible risks with you in detail during your consultation giving you time to consider these risks before making a decision to go ahead with your breast surgery.

Will I need a breast lift after having children?

Not necessarily! It will depend entirely on your individual needs and the look you are hoping to achieve, which may be possible with implants alone. However, if you have drooping or sagging breasts, a lack of firmness or nipples facing downwards or if your breasts have simply lost volume due to pregnancy or breast feeding then you may be thinking about a breast lift.

In your free consultation, your surgeon will be able to best advise you on the type of breast surgery which will be most suited in order to address your specific concerns.

Marlene's Story

After Marlene had given birth to her daughter, her breast size had reduced dramatically due to breast feeding so she decided to make a positive change for herself and chose to have a breast augmentation…

"I chose to have my breast augmentation in 2004 as my self-esteem had been impacted through my breast size reducing so much in the early years of being a mum. I was never able to go out bra less or wear a bikini on holiday or even wear certain tank tops as some wouldn't look good with a bra so I decided to bite the bullet and get my boobs done, and to be honest I wish I'd done it sooner."

"Even now, 14 years later people think I've recently had them done as they still look as perky even after breastfeeding my little boys who are now two and three. I was worried about breastfeeding again after my last experience but thankfully it has not affected my breasts at all.''

Have you been considering breast surgery for a while?

A confident you comes from the inside and out. It's the feeling of being who you want to be and looking how you want to look. If there are changes you'd like to make, we're here to help you achieve the body you want to have and here at The Hospital Group, we offer 3 years of aftercare as standard with all of our breast surgery procedures to give you complete peace of mind.

Say yes to a new look. Get in touch and start your journey to a new you today.




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