Valentine’s Day lingerie is about confidence and we think that there’s nothing sexier than being happy and confident in your own skin.

Here at The Hospital Group, we believe in wearing whatever you feel good in with no set of rules when it comes to your lingerie choices. This being said, there are certain underwear styles that will naturally flatter and enhance certain breast shapes and sizes – and we want to feel as confident as possible when it comes to looking and feeling good in our gorgeous new lingerie.


Here are what we think are the best Valentine’s Day lingerie styles for your breast shape:


Round, augmented breasts

Round implants are typically quite close together and equally full at the top and the bottom, they are usually self-supporting without a bra and year on year, the most popular option when it comes to breast enlargement surgery.

If you’ve chosen round implants, then your perky pair will look good in whatever lingerie style you choose. Depending on the look you want, think pretty delicate styles without padding or an all-out red lace set – the choice is yours.

Side-set or tubular breasts

Many women choose to have a breast augmentation if they have side-set or tubular breasts which are often quite far apart, often sitting at opposite ends of your chest. This Valentine’s Day, the most flattering style would be a plunge bra to pull them closer together to give the illusion of a full, beautiful cleavage.


Naturally full, teardrop breasts

Although round implants are still the number one, it is really interesting that teardrop-shaped are becoming increasingly popular as the years roll on and women want a more subtle and natural enhancement. This enviable shape is considered to most closely resemble the silhouette of an all-natural chest by being fuller at the bottom than at the top. Whether you have had a boob job or not, most lingerie styles will suit teardrop breasts – so take your pick!


Asymmetric breasts

If one of your breasts have always been considerably bigger, then a good push up bra can give the support and lift you need to balance out the asymmetry.


Relaxed, loose breasts

If it’s support that your breasts need, we would recommend bras with extra wide and adjustable straps to provide lots of lift – but who wants a comfortable t-shirt bra on Valentine’s Day? Give full coverage, full cup bras and non-padded wired bra styles with lace and detailing a whirl so you can look and feel your best.


Small, athletic breasts

Many of our breast enlargement customers tell us that they have lost volume in their breasts and have athletic boobs due to losing a lot of weight and working hard at the gym. But of course, lots of women have naturally smaller breasts too which can look sometimes look boyish and athletic.

These types of boobs are wide, muscular in shape and usually relatively small in cup size with little breast tissue so there are two ways you could go when it comes to picking your perfect Valentine’s Day set. Either a padded push-up bra to create cleavage or a whimsical non-padded style with lace and bows- it’s your choice.


Here are our top tips for Valentine’s Day lingerie shopping after having breast surgery:

Book an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon to have your new breasts measured so you can choose lingerie styles that fit and supports you. The CC size that will have been agreed with your surgeon is not equivalent to a specific bra size, so you will need to be measured again to find out your final size – although your back size will remain the same.

Let your breasts settle down first and wait six to eight weeks following your breast surgery before wearing that gorgeous new underwear set. We advise you to keep your post-surgical bra on for at least six weeks as your breasts need to be fully supported whilst your body is healing. You can read more about the do’s and don’ts of wearing your post-surgical compression bra also on the blog.

Try on different styles to figure out what suits you best – we’d recommend going into a shop with a measuring service to try on rather than shopping online whilst you get to know your new breasts. It is also worth mentioning that bra sizes, can really vary between brands so make sure you shop around to find your perfect set.


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