Breast surgery Q&As with Mr Mileto

We understand that making the decision to have breast surgery is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, we encourage our customers to take their time to do their research and to really think about whether it is the right decision for them. We also understand that if you are thinking about having a boob job, you probably have lots of questions…

We sat down with our expert surgeon, Mr Mileto to answers your questions about breast surgery that we are asked most frequently on our social media channels:

1. What piece of advice would you give to someone considering a breast enlargement?

Do your research and find a qualified surgeon with the appropriate qualifications, it is always good to see at least 1 or 2 surgeons.

2. How long will I need to take off work after a boob job?

I would recommend 1-2 weeks if your work does not involve heavy lifting, if so then I would advise 3 weeks.

3. What do I need to bring with me to my consultation?

We usually ask for an ID document and your GP’s details. If you have any medical conditions, we will need to have all relevant information.

4. How long until my breasts will settle?

Normally you can see your final result in 3 months’ time following your procedure.

5. Can you still detect lumps or abnormalities in your breasts after a boob job or do implants hide this?

Yes, absolutely, you can detect a lump as it will always be over the breast implant. You can have a mammogram or ultrasound or MRI when needed. I would always advise everyone to check your breasts every month regardless of whether they have had breast surgery.

6. What is the difference between under muscle and over muscle?

The pectoral muscle gives extra cover to implants, which can make the result more natural. However, if the customer already has good skin elasticity and naturally developed breasts, sometimes an implant placed over the muscle is usually the best option but it will vary from person to person.

7. Why do you use CC size when talking about having a boob job rather than bra size?

A cubic centimetre is a commonly used unit of volume, for example, 1cc will be equal to 1 millilitre so an implant of 300 cc will be about 300 millilitres large.

Each specific CC size will produce a different effect depending on how large the customer’s breasts are to start with. So, if I have a customer starting with a 32 A, a 300 cc Implant will make her somewhere between a C and D cup. If I put the same implant in a woman who has already a C cup Bra, that would probably make her around a DD.

8. Can you go from small to large in one procedure?

Yes, depending on your skin elasticity, and with some limits.

9. How long do breast implants last until they need replacing?

We generally suggest changing them around 10 years +.

10. What style of implants do you think look the best?

Every customer has different patterns of anatomy, so she will need different style implants and it will also depend on what kind of result she is looking for.

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