17 November 2020

Post-surgical bra’s: Do’s and Don’ts

Your guide to post-surgical bras

After breast surgery, wearing your post-surgical compression bra is vital to your healing process.

Your post-surgical bra will give you the support and comfort you need in those all-important weeks following your procedure which will help you recover faster to achieve the best possible results from your breast surgery.


Do remember to book an appointment with your surgeon to have you breasts measured following your breast surgery. Make sure you wait until you know your cc size before you start shopping for lingerie so you can ensure your new bras fit and support you.

Do keep your post-surgical bra on for at least six weeks following your breast surgery, as they need to be fully supported whilst your body is healing. You may need to wait longer until you can wear underwired and push up styles again, everyone is different so it all depends on how long it takes for your scars to heal. Also, underwired bras can rub on scars, aggravating them.

Do be patient - although your breasts may feel slightly swollen at first, it is important to wear the size of post-surgical bra which will have been advised for you and to give your body plenty of time to heal. Your new implants will settle in six to eight weeks following your breast surgery, then you'll be able to see your final results.

Do get excited for your new boobs! Remember that you won't be able to properly see your results whilst your breasts are sitting in your post-surgical bra, once you are wearing your normal bra you will be able to see the difference.


Don't go braless for at least six weeks after your breast surgery. Your breasts need time to recover, and you also need to be careful not to aggravate your scars during those important first few weeks post-surgery.

Don't take your post-surgical compression bra off too often as it is important to keep your implants in place and to protect the newly augmented tissue during the recovery process. Most importantly, they have clasps down the front, so you can get in and out of them with ease. Sports bras are not a sufficient substitute for a post-surgical compression bra!

Don't worry - here at The Hospital Group, we are here to support you throughout your journey with us. After your breast surgery, we offer a full package of aftercare support included to give you complete peace of mind. This includes unlimited post-op appointments with a member of our clinical team whenever you need them within your aftercare package. You will also have access to emergency telephone support, which you can use at any time during your recovery or years later.

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