15 January 2021

Why is cosmetic surgery aftercare so important?

Aftercare is an important factor in your decision to have elective surgery as well as choosing which provider to go with.

It is important you know what exactly is included in your aftercare package as not all providers offer the same cover.

As part of our commitment to exceptional customer care, and our mission to set the standards for cosmetic surgery providers, whether you are having breast surgery or a male chest reduction, we offer free 2 years aftercare with all of our cosmetic surgery procedures.

We also have the option to extend the duration of your breast surgery cover for up to 5-years extended aftercare, which is insurance backed by certain underwriters (Lloyds), for an additional fee.

All elective surgery comes with its own set of risks…

which are fully explained to you in the consultation stage, so you are fully aware of what the procedure involves before deciding to go ahead. It is important that you choose a provider which offers a comprehensive package of aftercare, so you are covered should you require further care or attention.

Exactly what does my aftercare package include?

Here at The Hospital Group, your aftercare package with our will include the following for the duration of your cover:

  • Unlimited post-op appointments across the UK
  • Post-operative appointments with your surgeon
  • Access to all our clinical team members
  • Access to a 24-hour support helpline
  • Free readmission surgery if required*
  • Hospital services and overnight stay
  • Additional medication and dressings if required

What about aftercare with breast surgery?

Here at The Hospital Group, it may not come as a surprise that breast surgery is our most popular cosmetic surgery, so we thought it would be helpful to include exactly what our aftercare covers specifically when having a breast uplift, enlargement or reduction:

  • All breast surgery includes breast implant warranty cover
  • Unlimited post-op appointments with a member of our clinical team
  • Post-operative appointments with your surgeon
  • Surgical cover for 2 years – revision surgery where clinically indicated
  • Additional days’ stay in hospital where needed
  • Additional medication and dressings at no extra cost
  • Emergency telephone support which you can use at any time

Giving you that extra peace of mind

For your complete peace of mind and those who would like a little extra, we provide extended aftercare for up to 6 years following surgery. The main benefit of our extended aftercare option is that it is insurance backed and in taking it, the costs of revision surgery are covered* for up to 6 years after your procedure even if we are not able to provide it.

Our comprehensive aftercare programme gives our patients the reassurance that should they require aftercare, it is completely covered.

* Readmission surgery, if deemed necessary by your surgeon, is subject to the terms and conditions of our insurance policy.

Have you been thinking about cosmetic surgery for a while?

As the UK’s largest provider of cosmetic surgery with over 25 years of experience, here at The Hospital Group, we offer expertise that you can trust. We are here to support you through every step of your journey.

In fact, 90% of our patient advisors have had surgery with us, which is a testament to the confidence they have in our services. It also makes them very knowledgeable about cosmetic surgery, having experienced it first hand.

Take the first step by getting in touch and booking a completely free, no obligation consultation at your local clinic to find out more about us.




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