04 November 2020

Monthly Roundup: Top #THGSelfie Transformations

Whatever cosmetic surgery procedure it is that you have in mind, many of our customers tell us that one of the most exciting parts of their journey is often right at the beginning when you are deciding on a provider, a surgeon and the procedure itself.

When you are in the research stage and looking through ‘before and after’ transformations, you might be thinking about the exact look that you want from surgery. Seeing other women’s results to help you visualise and pinpoint what you might want is also helpful to ascertain a surgeon’s style and to see examples of their work.

Top #THGSelfie Cosmetic Surgery Transformations

So, if you’re looking for inspiration? Take a peek at our monthly roundup of our top 5 cosmetic surgery stories:


1. Tilly Ratcliffe, Breast Enlargement

I chose 500cc implants placed under the muscle with Dr Khoda. I was a 34B now I’m 34E. They’re getting fluffier every day and it’s the best decision I ever made!

Follow Tilly’s Instagram journey @Tillyratcliffe


2. Kaytee, Breast Enlargement

I chose 335cc implants placed under the muscle with Mr Simons. I’m 8 weeks post op tomorrow and my scars are tiny and fading already! I went bikini shopping today which was so exciting- it’s really boosted my confidence.

Follow Kaytee’s Instagram journey @Kaytee94x


3. Sophie, Breast Enlargement

My surgeon was Mr Khoda and I had the Motiva round 450cc implants. I was up & about after about 4 days and felt amazing already, they dropped evenly & at the same time…they are just perfect now.

Follow Sophie’s Instagram journey @sophgeegee


4. Rachel-Jane, Breast Uplift with Implants

Here’s an update of my breast lift with 255cc implants. I had my procedure in September 2017 with Mr Seno.

Follow Rachel-Jane’s Instagram journey @beebuddie1


5. Jade, Nose Surgery

I had my rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and I love my results! I want my surgeon Mr Payne to know that it’s changed my life!

Follow Jade’s Instagram journey @jadebritt0n


So, if it’s breast surgery you are considering…

There are just some of the questions you might have asked yourself when it comes to deciding on the style of implants you’d like:

  • Do I prefer under or over the muscle?
  • What about round or teardrop shaped implants?
  • Do I need an uplift too?

Although it’s important to bear in mind when you are looking through testimonials on social media that CC size isn’t a universal measurement for breast size nor is it equivalent to specific bra or cup sizes. The look and feel of your breasts can be completely different even if you have opted for the very same CC size as it depends on your existing breast tissue, pre-surgery bra size and build.

Do you want to be featured on our next blog? If you’ve had cosmetic surgery with us and have got a story to share, don’t forget to tag us in your transformations on social media using #THGSelfie to be featured on our feeds, blogs or even as a patient story testimonial on site.

All of our cosmetic surgery procedures come inclusive of 3 years aftercare as standard…

Here at The Hospital Group, we are here to guide you through every step. Start your own cosmetic surgery journey by booking a completely free, no obligation consultation at your local clinic to find out more about us, the procedure you had in mind and the aftercare we offer.


*Please note that exact cosmetic surgery results cannot be guaranteed, and outcomes can vary from patient to patient. Following a comprehensive consultation, your surgeon will advise you on the likely results you can expect from the specific surgical procedure you have in mind.



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