Our top 3 cosmetic surgery procedures to have in winter

Of course, there is no specific ‘right time’ of the year where you should have cosmetic surgery as it such a personal decision which will always depend entirely on you and your circumstances.

However, it’s definitely true to say that there are certain surgical procedures which are naturally more suited to the cooler, winter months especially when it comes to your aftercare, rest and recovery.

Here are our top 3 cosmetic surgery procedures to have in winter:

Breast augmentation

All types of breast surgery such as breast enlargement, reduction or uplift are procedures which are particularly suited to the colder months. They also all require you to take time off work, which can vary in length from 1-3 weeks, and so the slower turn of the season can be an easier time of the year to take some time out to really rest and take it easy.

Summer bodies are made in the winter, right? Even though we’re sure that you can’t wait to show off your gorgeous cleavage at the first chance you get to be poolside in your new bikini or swimsuit… Sun-drenched summer destinations and newly augmented boobies don’t mix well, and we would always advise against travel immediately following surgery as incision scars need to be kept well away from the sun’s harmful rays.

The festive season is often spent indoors curled up in on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate, which is exactly what you need to be doing during the recovery period in those all-important weeks following surgery.

When it comes to healing, the winter months are best – not to mention you will be well recovered in time for when summer 2019 comes back around!

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Blepharoplasty or eye bag removal surgery

Under-eye bags can sometimes be hereditary that no amount of sleep can improve as well as simply a natural result of ageing – we understand that dark circles can affect men and women at any stage of life.

So, if you’ve tried endless amount of concealer sticks and quick fixes, and are looking for a more permanent solution that makeup, skincare and even tear trough filler can offer then blepharoplasty can help to create a more awake, youthful look.

The winter months are most suited to any cosmetic surgery on the face especially when it comes to the sensitive, delicate skin around your eyes as they need to be kept well out of the sun until you are fully healed.

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Face lift surgery

If you have considered a face lift to address the signs of ageing, then it is recommended to have this type of surgery in the winter months if possible. This is because it’s easier to stay indoors and protect delicate areas of your face from sunlight whilst you are healing.

As this is surgery on your face, it can’t always be concealed as well as other areas of the body – and if you want to keep your procedure under wraps then winter hats, scarves and ear muffs can help to subtly disguise tell-tale signs of a face lift like obvious swelling, discolouration or any incision scars.

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