30 November 2020

Feeling stuck? Here’s how to start a weight-loss journey without the stress

Losing weight isn’t easy and it can be an emotional journey full of ups and downs…

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to lose weight and maintain your results several times in the past, then we understand that it can feel stressful! But since working on yourself and being the healthiest version of you is the best project you can ever undertake, failing in your goal to lose weight should only be taken as a minor setback.

Here are some tips to get your journey off to the best start and for those who have attempted it before, to help you stay on track this time:

1. Evaluate your past habits

The body makes any repeated behaviour a habit which can sometimes feel very difficult to break away from. This should be considered when losing weight since trying to change these habits could impact your progress. For instance, if you are a breakfast person then intermittent fasting may not be the way for you since it will only make you overeat later in the day. Choose a weight loss programme that fits naturally into your habits and daily routine will make the change easier for you and something that you are more likely to commit too on a long-term basis.

2. Avoid setting deadlines

Deadlines are the ultimate triggers of stress hormones so if you set a weight-loss deadline for yourself, you could end up disregarding the good progress you made just because it did not meet the time limit you set. After all, you only need to take a day at a time and if you are following your weight loss routine as planned, progress is inevitable.

3. Consider your stress levels and sleeping habits

Although diet is a major part of weight loss, it is not the only one. You could have healthy eating habits, but other lifestyle factors could be working against you. For instance, stress and lack of enough sleep could cause you to gain weight. You should take measures to calm yourself down when you are stressed and also create a sleeping routine that ensures you get enough sleep to keep you healthy, alert and focused.

4. Reward yourself

Losing weight is hard so It’s important to stay positive and be kind to yourself! Avoid unachievable targets but instead, set realistic goals and celebrate small achievements where you can. So, if you reward yourself for sticking to your routine all week, you will get the drive and motivation to soldier on through the next week. These small wins should be rewarded as they eventually lead to you hitting your overall weight loss goals and imagine how proud of yourself you will feel then!

5. If everything else fails…

Weight loss surgery, either a gastric band, bypass or a sleeve could be an option for you have a high body mass index and have tried diet and exercise but have been unable to maintain long-term results. Surgery is a tool which can give you the helping hand you need to achieve your goals along with guidance from our dedicated weight loss support team made up of specialist nurses, bariatric dietitians and surgeons.

Hera the Hospital Group, we are the largest UK provider of cosmetic and weight loss surgery, performing thousands of weight loss surgeries each and every year.

Our purpose-built hospitals are located conveniently in Birmingham, Manchester and London hospital as well as having a clinic network across the UK, so we’re never too far away.




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