08 March 2020

International Women’s Day

Whilst so much has been done for equality, there’s still a way to go.

But sometimes it is actually us that stand in the way of the sisterhood.

Even from our perspective, at The Hospital Group, we love celebrating the cosmetic and weight loss journey’s of our customers but it is sad to see that a week doesn’t go by when we post a before & after transformation without receiving negative feedback, often from other women.

  •  ‘I can’t see a difference’
  •  ‘She looked better before’
  •  ‘I prefer smaller boobs’
  •  ‘I don’t like it’

We should be building other women up and celebrating their achievements, not tearing them down especially when it is something as personal as their face or their body which they have made the decision to change or alter. We can’t underestimate just how huge the decision to have surgery is for so many of our customers, especially if it is an aspect of their appearance that they may have struggled with for years before taking the leap.

Let’s think first before we post and make a conscious decision to make other women feel great about themselves, not commenting on the way they look and attacking their appearance. If you think they look fantastic, hit the like button, tell them and let them know!

Do what makes you happy

We understand that a confident you come from the inside and out. It’s the feeling of being who you want to be and looking how you want to look. If there are changes you’d like to make, we’re here to help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

Remember that it’s your body and your choice, put yourself first and take care of you. Above all, make sure that you are choosing cosmetic surgery for the right reasons – for you and not to please anyone else.


Women supporting other women

Tell your best friend or sister something you love about them and don’t be afraid to tell someone when they look good or suit that new dress. On social media or otherwise, try to make someone smile, a compliment on a difficult day can really help and make all the difference to someone that is struggling.

End the stigma

You can absolutely still be a advocate of female empowerment and have a cosmetic surgery procedure. We need to recognise that women choose to have surgery for many different reasons, to please themselves and no one else.

A breast enlargement is not to entertain a ‘male gaze’ but often to restore confidence after breastfeeding or to simply feel that bit better about ourselves. Let’s learn to not judge other women for their choices and personal decisions and be proud of them for the step they have taken.


Catherine Cook, Breast Surgery

We love hearing about how supportive our breast enlargement customer Catherine’s mum and sister were throughout her boob job journey – this is a really inspirational example of women supporting other women and we are all for it!

Last year, Catherine decided to join a gym and as she had been exercising more and more she noticed how she had lost some of the fullness in her breasts so felt having a breast augmentation would be a positive change.

‘My friends and family were incredibly supportive; my mum and sister have both had breast augmentations themselves. My sister had hers with The Hospital Group in 2013.

They knew this was something that I wouldn’t decide flippantly and understood my reasons and helped me out through the whole process, my mum took me to the hospital on my operation day and for the next few weeks helped me with recovery and all the physical things I couldn’t do.’

Are you ready to start your cosmetic journey?

We are the largest and most trusted UK provider of cosmetic surgery, performing thousands of breast surgery procedures each year – all of which come with 3 years of inclusive aftercare as standard for your peace of mind.

Our facilities include our own private hospitals in Manchester, Birmingham and London as well as a wide network of clinics across the UK, so we are never too far away.




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