01 April 2021

Keeping your weight loss on track this Easter

Easter can be an especially challenging time when you are on a weight loss journey. From extra food at mealtimes to treats falling out of cupboards and Easter egg hunts, weight loss efforts can be extremely difficult during the holidays. It’s tricky to stay motivated and remain on track. That being said, there's no reason why you can't enjoy Easter and still lose weight - all it takes is a bit of careful planning!

Making the most of the warmer weather

The kids will be on holiday from school, and you may just be lucky enough to have some time off work during the Easter break, so why not use it to build in a little extra exercise to your day or take part in some fun activities? Here are our best ideas for staying active during the Easter long weekend:

  • Take an Easter Sunday or Monday bike ride with the whole family
  • Enjoy a long, leisurely walk in the spring-like weather
  • Start the day with an exercise DVD at home
  • Try a boot camp class now that the cold snap of winter has gone – many outdoor clubs are back up and running
  • Make up a treasure hunt for the kids in a local park, and get them running around looking for clues
  • Join a running club and use the lighter evenings to get fit and active
  • Paint some hard-boiled eggs with the kids, then go out and play bowls with them or roll them down a hill until they crack. Boiled eggs are a healthy snack ready to enjoy when the game’s over!
  • If the kids have a trampoline, then get bouncing - it can be fun for all the family!

Any activity that will get you moving and burn off those extra calories will help you manage your weight more effectively.

Making good food choices this Easter

It's hard to ignore the lure of the chocolate egg at this time of year, but it's important to stay focused and avoid over-indulging in sweet treats.

Some top tips for staying on track:

  • Plan ahead! If you know you will be having a big lunch at Easter or a chocolate egg then be extra careful during the rest of the week, have less snacks and do some extra exercise.
  • Go easy on the alcohol - not only is it packed full of calories, it may weaken your willpower when it comes to food.
  • If you’re the one cooking, then prepare a healthy meal so you can enjoy it too. For example, melon or smoked salmon makes a light, easy starter.
  • If your children get lots of eggs, try not to finish them off yourself! Instead, share them with friends and family.
  • Lay off the Easter cakes and switch to a hot cross bun instead.
  • Stick to a small portion at Easter lunch and enjoy with lots of fresh vegetables.
  • Treat yourself to a smaller Easter egg – after all, you deserve a treat, too. Just remember to get straight back on track the next day, rather than giving up your healthy eating plan altogether.

Having a little chocolate fix with fewer than 100 calories means you still get the taste and a treat, yet without the worry of gaining weight. Try these for some ideas:

  • A low-calorie hot chocolate with a chocolate finger
  • A fun-size chocolate bar
  • A chocolate digestive
  • A light chocolate mousse
  • A few strawberries dipped in a little melted chocolate and set in the fridge
  • 2 jaffa cakes

Alternatively, if you want a change from chocolate but still fancy a snack, you could try the following:

  • 1 low-fat cereal bar
  • 1 bag of low-fat crisps
  • 1 scoop low-fat ice cream and sugar-free jelly
  • A low-fat yoghurt or fromage frais
  • A small pack of sugar-free sweets
  • 2 ginger biscuits
  • 2 rich tea biscuits
  • 2 small crackers with low-fat cream cheese
  • 2 breadsticks with a salsa dip

Allow yourself to enjoy the warmer weather and lighter nights. Remember, Easter Sunday is only one day - enjoy it, treat yourself a little if you want to, but get back on track for the rest of the Easter holidays.

Spring is the season of renewal. Are you ready for a new start? To help manage your weight loss, speak to an expert today.

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