25 January 2022

Liposuction is for sculpting, not weight loss

Though it’s often mentioned in the same breath as weight loss, liposuction isn’t a weight loss procedure.

Instead, it’s a procedure which is designed to tone up small areas of fatty tissue that aren’t responding to exercise or weight loss. If you’re close to your goal weight and are sticking to a balanced diet and exercise regime, liposuction can work its magic and sculpt those stubborn areas of fat to help you achieve a more toned look overall.


How does liposuction work?

Liposuction can be used on most areas of the body, but most patients opt for it in the hips, tummy, thighs, bum, knees and chin. The fat in these areas is removed in small amounts by suction, resulting in a more toned appearance.


What are the different kinds of lipo?

We offer liposuction and vaser liposuction. Traditional liposuction involves the suction of fatty tissues and excess fluid through a cannula. Vaser liposuction is similar, but it uses ‘vibration amplification of sound energy on resonance’ to break down the stubborn, unwanted fat before draining.


Why do I need to be near my goal weight for lipo?

For lipo to have the best results, you should be at or near your ideal weight and willing to maintain a healthy lifestyle to stay close to it. This is because weight fluctuation after the procedure can affect the treated area. For example, if you’ve had liposuction on your tummy and you gain weight afterwards, the liposuction results won’t remain as noticeable in that area.


How long will the results last?

The results of liposuction can be permanent if you maintain a stable weight after the procedure.


Which treatments will work for weight loss?

We offer a range of weight loss treatments: gastric band, gastric bypass, and gastric sleeve. At your consultation, you’ll be able to discuss with your surgeon assistant which treatment is the right one for you. You’ll also have a dedicated dietician to support you at every step of your weight loss journey.

Many people who have had weight loss surgery do go on to have liposuction in the future to tone up those last few areas of fat that won’t budge.



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