For a lot of us, New Year’s Eve is the biggest night of the year, the highlight of our social calendar or simply an excuse to drink prosecco, put on our highest heels and wear far too many sequins.

Whilst being an advocate of wearing whatever you feel confident in, we don’t believe in any rulebook when it comes to your clothing choices. This being said, there are certain dress shapes and styles that will naturally flatter one body shape over another.

So, if you haven’t unwrapped a killer New Year’s Eve dress come December 25th, then it’s time to hit the shops! Here are what we think are the best party dresses for your body shape:

1. Apple

If you’re a plus size lady with slim arms and legs and more weight around your mid-section, then chances are you might be an apple. This New Year’s Eve give these party dress styles a whirl to flatter your best features:

  • Loose-fitting tunic dresses
  • Embellished shift dresses
  • Floaty styles with a swing waist
  • Midi dresses which show off your slim legs
  • Cold shoulder, bardot necklines to show off your dcolletage
  • Don’t forget clever shapewear to pull you in

2. Pear

If you’re a pear, you will have a slimmer upper half and will carry most of your weight on your womanly hips and thighs. This is the perfect body shape for vintage, old Hollywood styles which will pull you in at the waist and flare out at the hips – and if New Year’s Eve isn’t the night to go all out Great Gatsby we don’t know what is!

  • Emphasise your bust with bold jewellery and accessories
  • Fit and flare skirts and dresses
  • Full bodied skirts
  • 1950s prom styles
  • Avoid kitten heels and instead opt for a medium-high heel in order to lengthen your legs

3. Hourglass

Think gorgeous curves, a full cleavage and an enviable small waist, an hourglass figure is the most traditional feminine shape. Perhaps you’ve had a breast enlargement with us and are looking for a party dress which will show off your beautiful, new cleavage, these are the dresses which will work best for you:

  • Most styles will flatter an hourglass silhouette!
  • Wrap dresses will draw attention to your teeny-tiny waist as well as adding that little bit of definition to your bust in a soft and subtle way
  • Fitted dresses and pencil skirts will flatter your figure even more
  • Cold shoulder, bardot necklines to show off your gorgeous dcolletage

4. Athletic

If you have a boyish, athletic shape you might be looking for a party dress which adds curves and shape to your frame. Here are our top tips and tricks for creating the illusion of hips and cleavage:

  • Accessorise with statement jewellery
  • Skater style dresses can give curves and mimic a classic hourglass shape
  • Try a cowl neckline to give the impression of a fuller cleavage
  • Thicker straps can disguise broader shoulders

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