Here at The Hospital Group, rhinoplasty, or a ‘nose job’, is one of our popular cosmetic procedures…

There are many different reasons why our customers want to change the way their nose looks. This is because reshaping of the nose can alter the balance and proportions of the whole face, changing the way you look and the way you feel about your appearance.

Here are just 5 reasons why you might have thought about having nose surgery:

1. Change the size of your nose

There are many different concerns that our customers have about their nose that they hope to address with rhinoplasty – most typically, this will that they consider their nose to be too long or too big and as a result of this, they consider it to be out of proportion with the rest of their facial features.

At your free, private consultation, you can discuss what you want to change about your nose with one of our leading surgeons. You can agree what size nose you would like to achieve – and your surgeon will be able to talk through his experience, show you before and after pictures as well as giving you an indication of the kind of results you can expect from nose surgery.

2. Change the shape of your nose

If it’s not the size, then more often than not, it is the shape of their nose that our rhinoplasty customers also want to change. Whether that be altering the angle of their nose, reshaping the tip or straightening the bridge of the nose if there is a noticeable bump.

Nose reshaping can create a more balanced facial look, by altering the proportions of the whole face, changing the way you look and the way you feel about your appearance.

3. Straighten your nasal septum

A deviated septum occurs when the nasal septum, which is the cartilage that divides the nasal cavity half, appears to be crooked which can cause both cosmetic and medical dilemmas.

Most people have some sort of imbalance and small deviations usually don’t require any surgical inventions as they’re unlikely to cause any medical symptoms. That is to say, a deviated septum is common, but if it is particularly off-centre, it can cause sinus problems such as a chronic blocked nose and even difficulty breathing if it is one side of the nose is severely blocked.

A traditional rhinoplasty can also be combined with septoplasty, which is a procedure that can repair a deviated septum by straightening the nasal septum and repositioning into the centre of the nose so both nasal passages are of an equal size.

4. Narrowing your nostrils

Our expert surgeons can change the aesthetic appearance of most aspects of your nose, whatever your concerns might be. All of our rhinoplasty procedures are completely tailored to your individual needs and requirements and are based around the look that you want to achieve.

Your nose surgery might include reducing the size of your nostrils which you may think are too wide. This can be really effective at creating a more balanced proportion to the face, restoring both your confidence and overall facial symmetry.

5. Alleviate breathing problems

Although nose surgery is typically an elective procedure, there can sometimes be medical reasons as well as cosmetic ones why people chose to have a rhinoplasty procedure. As we’ve discussed, this can be caused by a deviated septum whereby nose surgery or septoplasty, can help to clear your airways so you can breathe more easily.

Sarah’s rhinoplasty story

Our customer Sarah Bafarea has got a new look. Her new nose is so natural looking that even some of her closest friends didn’t notice the change. However, the ones that did notice, think it looks really good and suits her face – so a great success all round.

I’m very pleased with the outcome of my Rhinoplasty. The change was subtle and not dramatic which is good because it feels natural to me. It has had a massively positive impact on my confidence.

It has been 11 months now since Sarah’s surgery and she feels great…

I’m so pleased I took the decision to go ahead. I used to really dislike my profile and hated people looking at the side of my face but now I don’t mind at all. I feel so much happier with my new nose as it also looks much better in pictures now both from the front and the side.”

Sarah’s advice for anyone thinking of having cosmetic surgery is – just go for it!

Have you been considering nose surgery for a while too?

One of the leading cosmetic surgeons we work with can advise you about reshaping your nose for the result you want to achieve – and with 3 years of inclusive aftercare, we are with you every step of the way. Say yes to a new look and get in touch to start your journey to a new you today.