19 January 2018

Safety notice from our implant suppliers, Motiva

We’re letting you know about a safety notice from our implant suppliers, Motiva.

The company has released a safety notice in regards to the maximum magnetic field a patient can go under when scanned under an MRI. The information that you would have received at the time of your operation regarding compatibility with MRI scanning incorrectly stated that Motiva implants are compatible to 7 Tesla MRI scans, however, the correct maximum compatibility is 3 Tesla MRI.

The 7 Tesla MRI scanner usage is limited and mostly used in investigation centres for head and extremities and not the upper chest area. In summary, it is highly unlikely for a patient with Motiva implants to undergo a scan over 3 Tesla. However, this is important information which you should retain for future reference.

There is no significant risk to patients.

You can find out more information you can visit Motiva’s Q&A section



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