Whether it’s Christmas day dinner itself, the office party or a festive get-together with friends, it can’t be denied that the party season can wreak havoc on a post-weight loss surgery diet with a plethora of cocktails, mulled wine and endless tubs of Celebrations on offer. But with our weight loss tips, together we can stay on track and motivated even when temptations seem to be around every corner!

Here are our favourite Christmas party food alternatives from our Specialist Bariatric Dietitian Emily Freeth:

Festive starters and party food:

  • Serve smoked salmon and low-fat cream cheese on Ryvita Thins and cut into small pieces.
  • Prepare king prawns, grilled turkey breast or chicken pieces on cocktail sticks
  • Switch up canapes for crudits made up of chopped carrots, celery stick, peppers, cucumber and cherry tomatoes and salsa dip.

Christmas treats and desserts:

  • Enjoy healthier mince pies by mixing up a tablespoon of mincemeat with low-fat frozen yoghurt or custard on top
  • Or simply opt for mini mince piesenjoyed in moderation.
  • Make your own healthy Eton Mess by using low-fat Greek yoghurt with 1 meringue nest broken into pieces and served with fresh berries.
  • Stew pears, apple and berries and serve with low-fat custard
  • Why not try a frozen sorbetas an alternative to ice-cream?

But if it’s chocolate that your craving, our Principal Dietitian George Hamlyn-Williams top weight loss tip is to ‘Put the Heroes or Celebrations in the freezer – it’ll take much longer to eat each one, meaning you will savour it and hopefully not want as many!’

How not to over-do it on drinks at the office Christmas party:

If you have had weight loss surgery, we would encourage you to reduce your alcohol intake as much as possible and to make sure you have at least 3 consecutive alcohol-free days a week – even over Christmas if you can help it!

Alcohol can be really high in calories without triggering signals to our brain to let us know that we are full, it can be easy to drink our calorie consumption and be more tempted to reach for high-calorie snacks too. As your weight loss motivation, remember that a glass of wine has similar calories to a slice of cake and a sprit with Coca-Cola is equivalent to eating half a doughnut.

Our top weight loss tips on keeping on track during office Christmas party season are:

  • Add lots of ice to your drinks as well as sliced fruit or cucumber to fill your glasses up more!
  • Log how much you are drinking to help keep you on track
  • Make your own drinks and always be in control of serving sizes!
  • Opt for small measures e.g. if your party is at home, make sure to buy smaller wine glasses so you consume less in time for Christmas or use champagne flutes instead!

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