10 January 2022

Trigger finger: the warning signs to look out for

You might have heard of the painful condition known as trigger finger, which can happen when the tendons of the hand become inflamed and swollen.

If you suffer from trigger finger, one or more of your fingers can get ‘stuck’ when you bend or straighten them, and make a ‘snapping’ noise like a trigger. As most of us use our hands and fingers to type and use our phones these days, it can be tricky to distinguish trigger finger from other aches and pains. Here are some signs that discomfort in your digits could be more than just the result of using your phone too much!

Pain at the base of finger/thumb

Pain is usually the first symptom that people with trigger finger notice. It tends to appear the base of the affected finger or thumb, and might be sensitive to touch. You might also notice that the pain or stiffness is worse in the morning and lessens as you move your fingers more.

A lump appears

You might notice a lump where your finger or thumb meets your palm, which can move as you bend and straighten your finger.

Snapping and clicking

Those who have been suffering from trigger finger symptoms for a while will notice some noises when they move their finger or thumb. The snapping, clicking and popping of a digit is another unpleasant symptom of trigger finger.


A finger or thumb that catches or ‘locks,’ before suddenly popping straight, can be a sign of trigger finger. This happens as the tendon becomes trapped in the swollen sheath before passing through.


This is one of the most advanced symptoms of trigger finger. The affected finger or thumb can become stuck in a bent or straight position. It can be massaged back into a natural position, but in more advanced cases even this isn’t possible.

These are just some of the warning signs of trigger finger, and you should always visit your GP for a proper diagnosis.

If you do suffer from trigger finger, release surgery could be an option for you, and allow you to use your hands more freely without fear of your fingers ‘locking.’ Read more about trigger finger surgery here, or book your free consultation today.



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