15 January 2021

Weight loss products recommended by us

When considering which weight loss products to try, it is easy to become lost in the overwhelming variety of things on offer. 

Following any type of weight loss surgery, there is a risk of developing vitamin or mineral deficiencies. This is because you will be eating smaller portions of food, which makes it more difficult to obtain sufficient vitamins and minerals from your diet alone. We, therefore, recommend that all patients take certain vitamin and mineral supplements to fill their nutritional gaps.

Recommendations for post-operative supplements vary in accordance with the type of procedure you have chosen.

Here is our advice when it comes to supplements which will help to support in your weight loss journey. Remember, these supplements will help you to make the most out of weight loss steps you are already taking through nutrition, exercise and surgery.


What should I consider before taking a weight loss supplement?

It’s important to consider that supplements are not a replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise. Before taking any kind of supplement, you should ensure that it is suitable for your body and whilst considering that it should only ever be a ‘supplement’ to your lifestyle and not something that you solely rely on for nutrition or weight loss.

How do weight loss supplements help?

Weight loss supplements can be used in a variety of settings, whether you are recovering from weight loss surgery or are losing weight through a calorie deficit. Supplements can also help you to curb your hunger, burn calories and make it easier to focus. Some can even help promote weight loss by increasing metabolism and energy levels: giving you more oomph to get to that Zumba class! 

After having weight loss surgery, there can be a risk of developing vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to the nature of the procedures themselves. Supplements help to avoid any problems which might be caused by vitamin deficiency by supplementing the vitamins you ingest from food.

Our weight loss supplements

Here at The Hospital Group, we can supply you with several essential weight loss supplements in order to prevent these problems from occurring.

One of the most common nutritional issues experienced by people who have undergone weight loss surgery such as a gastric bypass is that of iron deficiency. A lack of iron in the system can be the result of the body’s lower rate of iron absorption by the bloodstream after surgery, which in turn means that less oxygen is will be getting where it needs to go. Iron-deficient anaemia can lead to fatigue, chest pain, weakness and dizziness, all of which are potentially dangerous and also damaging to your weight loss or recovery process. 

Iron deficiency can also occur after some surgeries because there is a decrease in stomach acid, which limits the conversion of iron from your food or because of the bypass which decreases absorption rates. Iron supplementation is essential to maintain adequate iron levels in the body, but it is also a great promoter of increased metabolism and higher energy levels

Iron can be taken in ordinary tablet form, as prolonged-release medication (Ferrograd) or if you aren’t comfortable with taking tablets, as a liquid. Galfer syrup is available as the perfect iron supplement for iron deficiency too.


Should I take weight loss supplements every day?

After weight loss surgery, it is likely that your risk of vitamin and iron deficiencies will always remain higher than before you had the weight loss procedure. This means that you need to be open to the possibility of having to take weight loss and nutritional supplements for a long time.

Most supplements will need to be taken on a daily basis, for instance, the Forceval multivitamin, which you would need to take once per day, and is recommended by the British Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS). 

Forceval is also available in a water-soluble format, making it easy for those who prefer liquids of capsules or tablets. There is a strong possibility that you will need to take supplements for many years after your weight loss surgery (perhaps even indefinitely) but this is something be discussed with our Weight Loss Support Team as many factors will affect this.

How to choose the right weight loss supplement?

You should stay away from weight loss products which promise to burn fat or make you lose weight. Normally these products contain large amounts of caffeine which will claim to give you more energy, boost your metabolism and increase productivity. However, scientific studies have shown that consuming too much caffeine has negative side effects and it is possible to overdose on caffeine.

Instead, you should consider supplements which will help and assist you in your weight loss journey. If you are experiencing difficulties with protein deficiency, due to poor dietary choices after weight loss or lack of absorption after surgery, then Fortisip drinks are a great choice to restore protein balance. These will help you to keep your energy levels up and your metabolism high so that you can go about your day as normal!

Are you looking for weight loss supplements?

Here at The Hospital Group, we offer a variety of supplements and products to purchase, that will address your specific nutritional requirements, ensuring that you are on track to achieving your weight loss target whilst maintaining optimal health.

Our experienced dietitians are at hand to answer your questions and discuss any concerns you may have during your weight loss journey.




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