As Told By You!

If you are on your weight loss surgery journey then you probably know that it is not a quick fix nor is it an easy shortcut to losing weight, it is a long-term process which requires commitment and dedication in order to achieve a healthy BMI.

We conducted a customer questionnaire to find out your motivations behind having weight loss surgery and here are the stats, as told by you…

1. How long was your weight a concern before weight loss surgery?

Based on our customer questionnaire, 35% of respondents said that their weight had ‘always’ been a concern for them before having their surgery, followed by 31% of the data who cited that they struggled with their weight ’10-20 years.’

This shows that weight loss surgery is something that isn’t taken lightly or a decision that has been arrived at quickly as most of our customers have had weight concerns for a substantial period of time before they made the decision to take positive action and have their weight loss surgery with us.


2. Who did you speak to about your concerns regarding your weight?

Here at The Hospital Group, all of weight loss customers have a support network who will provide guidance throughout your journey, this is made up of our expert team including highly specialist bariatric nurses, dietitians, their surgeon and their patient advisor. It is also important to have support from those closest to you and based on our customer questionnaire 59% of respondents said that they’d spoken to their friends and family about their concerns with their weight first.


3. What steps did you take to control your weight prior to weight loss surgery?

A massive 87% of our respondents had already tried slimming groups to manage their weight prior to having their surgery with us, other popular answers included dieting, appetite suppressants along with therapy.


4. What was the defining moment when you decided that weight loss surgery was the best option for you?

According to data from our customer questionnaire, many of our customers realised that weight loss surgery was the next step due to worsening health complications and as a last resort after trying other options to lose weight first.

If you have tried a multitude of methods to lose weight but aren’t achieving the results you want than it might be time to take positive action and consider weight loss surgery with us…

As UK market leaders in weight loss surgery, we offer advice you can trust, treatment based on your individual needs, and guidance throughout your weight loss journey with us.

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