What to pack for your weight loss surgery

Your surgery date is booked and confirmed…

You have taken control and are well on your way to a happier and healthier you. So it’s time to get excited for the journey ahead and prepare for your stay with us.

Whatever type of bariatric surgery you are having, whether it be bypass surgery, a gastric band or a sleeve gastrectomy, it is likely you will be staying with us, at least overnight, following your surgery.

How long will I stay in hospital following my bariatric surgery?

First things first, before you get packing you will need to know exactly how long you are likely to be staying in hospital for. Of course, this will depend entirely on your choice of weight loss surgery:

1. Gastric band  As the least invasive type of weight loss surgery we offer, with a lap band, you will usually stay in one of our dedicated hospitals for one night after your procedure but sometimes you can return home on the same day.

2. Gastric bypass-This surgery involves the creation of a small stomach pouch and re-routing the small intestine, which helps by restricting food intake, and reducing hunger and the absorption of calories and nutrients. Usually, you’ll need to stay in the hospital for 2 nights, although sometimes you may be able to go home after one night.

3. Gastric sleeve – A sleeve gastrectomy involves permanently reducing the size and capacity of the stomach by about 75% and includes removing the upper part of the stomach where the chemical that stimulates appetite (ghrelin) is produced. This helps to reduce appetite andas well as your ability to eat large portions. The hospital stay for this procedure is always 2 nights.

Feel inspired for the journey ahead by getting ready for your surgery, here is our guide on what to pack:

#1 Don’t forget the essentials
We’re talking all your personal hygiene and toiletries, in your hospital bag you will need all the essentials such as:

Toothbrush and toothpaste



Glasses or contact lenses

Baby wipes and antibacterial hand gel to freshen up with

You’ll also need a change of clothes for the journey home, think loose-fitting clothes that are easy to get in and out of.

You will also need to bring along any medical documents you have which we need to be aware of. We would recommend typing out a list of the medication you take being sure to include instructions on the dosage you require along with the name of the medication, it’s strength and how many you take per day. It is really important to be as clear as possible for our lovely team of ward nurses who will be looking after you during your stay.

#2 A good night’s sleep

The key to recovery is taking it easy with lots of rest so you will want to be as comfortable as possible. Make hospital feel like home with all your night time cosies like eye masks, earplugs along with a pair of loose pyjamas.

#3 Keep yourself entertained

Depending on how long you will be staying with us, you may want to bring along a good book and a supply of magazines to keep you occupied after your surgery.

#4 Something to make you feel at home

Your favourite dressing gown and slippers usually does the trick! Don’t forgot your phone and charger so you can keep in touch with your family and friends for moral support pre and post-surgery.

#5 Thinking ahead and feeling confident

It’s so important to be positive and confident in your decision and look forward to the journey ahead, why not pack some healthy eating, good food magazines to get a head start on bariatric recipes and meal ideas.

Choose us for weight loss surgery

If you have tried diet after diet but it’s just enough to achieve your weight loss goals then bariatric surgery with us could be an option. Here at The Hospital Group, we are the largest UK provider of weight loss surgery, performing thousands of procedures every year.

Our world-class facilities include our own state-of-the-art private hospital, Burcot Hall in Bromsgrove, the largest weight loss hospital in the UK, along with a wide network of clinics nationwide.

Wherever you visit us, you’ll find a team that is dedicated to providing exceptional care, from your first consultation right through to the comprehensive aftercare we offer. When you start your journey with The Hospital Group, we’ll help you through every step.