15 January 2021

#THGSelfie Roundup – Our Top 5 Weight Loss Transformations

Weight Loss Transformations

When you have weight loss surgery, you are part of a community and there are lots of friendly faces along the way to help and support you in achieving your goals from your very own patient advisor to your specialist dietitian armed with meal ideas and healthy recipes.

We understand that weight loss is a journey with ups and downs and we love to cheer you on by sharing your journeys and celebrating your achievements. So wherever you are on your weight loss journey, whether you are just starting to consider bariatric surgery or you are well on your way to hitting your goals but are looking for some motivation, this is the blog for you.

Here at The Hospital Group, we specialise in the following weight loss surgeries:

a) Gastric Band

When it comes to bariatric surgery, a gastric band is considered to be the least invasive surgical option as it is a keyhole procedure. Also known as a ‘lap band,’ it works by stimulating nerve endings at the top of your stomach so that you’re satisfied with smaller portions.

b) Gastric Bypass

Having a gastric bypass involves creating a small stomach pouch and re-routing the small intestine, which helps by restricting food intake, reducing hunger and the absorption of calories.

c) Gastric Sleeve

A sleeve gastrectomy is a non-reversible procedure which removes the upper part of the stomach where the chemical that stimulates appetite (ghrelin) is produced which will reduce your appetite as well as your ability to eat large portions.

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our monthly roundup of our top 5 weight loss stories:

1. Michelle, Gastric Bypass

After having a gastric bypass, I’m so happy, full of energy and full of life! I’ve also booked in for a breast uplift in October and then onto a tummy tuck. Thankyou The Hospital Group.

Date night ready! Following a gastric bypass surgery with us in May last year, our customer Michelle has lost 8 stone going from a UK dress size 18-20 to a 8-10 – and we think she’s never looked better.

Follow Michelle’s journey: @michellegarrattley

2. Libby, Gastric Band Converted to Gastric Bypass

My surgery has given me the tools and the helping hand I needed to reach my weight loss goals. I am living a life I only dreamed of before having my bypass.’

After an unsuccessful gastric band, last year our weight loss patient Libby decided to have a band to bypass conversion surgery and has since lost a total of 7 stone – we think Libby is a great example of commitment and never giving up despite having set backs on her journey.

Follow Libby’s journey: @allnewlibby

3. Molly, Gastric Bypass

I have better health and confidence since my weight loss surgery. For the first time in my life, this summer I have been wearing all of the things which seemed impossible just two years ago.

Our weight loss patient Molly is glowing! Having had a gastric bypass towards the end of 2016, she has lost a total of 8 stone. Molly’s ethos? Small goals, big journey.

Follow Molly’s journey: @bariatricbabe_molly


4. Lainey, Gastric Band

Deciding to have a gastric band is the best decision I’ve ever made. I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without my band and the support of The Hospital Group Team.

Having only had her gastric band surgery in January, Lainey is already well on her way to achieving her final weight loss goals – having lost 4 stone already through dedication to changing her lifestyle and eating habits.

Follow Lainey’s journey: @laineybobs_bandedlife

5. Keith, Gastric Sleeve


We think it’s incredible how weight loss can change the way your face looks – how fantastic does our customer Keith look? At the time of having his gastric sleeve surgery in May 2016, Keith was at risk of a number of cardiovascular diseases with an unhealthy BMI and weighing in at 26 stone. Since then, he has lost over half his total body weight and is enjoying life crediting his positive results to being more active and taking small steps like walking instead of taking the car to gradually improve his health.

Follow Keith’s journey: @kth_leeson

Where are you up to your on your journey? Don’t forget to tag us in your transformations on social media using #THGSelfie

With our help you could do this too… If you have tried diet after diet but it’s just not enough then it may be time to start thinking about weight loss surgery.

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*Please note that weight loss results vary from patient to patient. All weight loss surgeries are designed as a tool rather than a solution to obesity. Must be in conjunction with healthy lifestyle changes and following the advice of specialist dietitians in order to achieve optimum results.



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