14 February 2022

What you'll notice after having breast augmentation

Starting your cosmetic surgery journey can sometimes be daunting – especially when you’re not sure what to expect from your results.

Read on as we break down what you can expect after having breast augmentation, including how long you should wear your support bra, and when you should be able to see your final results.


After 1 day

  • Your breasts will feel firm and tight
  • Implants will look high and compressed
  • You’ll wear your support bra 24/7, except when showering


After 1 week

  • Any bruising you might have had will begin to disappear
  • Your breasts will be slightly more round on the bottom
  • Continue wearing your support bra


After 2-3 weeks

  • Implants will be less compressed and begin to drop
  • Breasts will feel firm but not as tight as before
  • Nipples will start to elevate upwards


After 6 weeks

  • Your breasts will begin to soften and become more round
  • You can begin to sleep on your side, but not your stomach
  • Asymmetry is still normal at this stage


After 12 weeks

  • You might be almost completely healed
  • Your breasts will continue to soften
  • Implants will have settled into your ideal shape and position


After 6 months

  • Your breasts will feel softer and more natural
  • Your implants should be in your desired position
  • Your final results will be visible!


If you're considering breast augmentation or another procedure, why not have a look at some of our patient stories? Or if you're ready to speak to one of our expert advisors, book your free consultation today.



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