17 November 2020

Your cosmetic surgery patient journey

Just like everyone has different motivations and reasons why they choose to have a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Everyone’s journey is different too. Whether you are considering nose surgery or a breast enlargement, even before you go for a consultation, it is important to have a general idea of how the cosmetic surgery process works and what is involved at different stages.

Here are the main steps that make up the cosmetic surgery patient journey:

1. Book a consultation with us by calling our friendly Contact Centre team.

2. Attend your private consultation with a surgeon or patient advisor to find out more about the procedure, the risks that are involved and the results that you might expect from cosmetic surgery.

3. After taking to time to really thinking about whether surgery is right for you and weigh up the pros and cons, if you decide to go ahead you will then book and confirm your surgery date.

We know that cosmetic surgery is a big step and we appreciate that you may want to take time to do more research and think about your decision. This is why we also have a 14-day ‘cooling off’ period in place, which means that if you change your mind about the procedure after booking within that period, there will be no charge.

4. After confirming your surgery date, you will come to your local clinic for a pre-operative assessment, which will vary depending on the specific procedure which you choose.

5. It’s surgery day! You will then have your cosmetic surgery procedure at one of our three dedicated hospitals, either The Riverside Hospital in London, The Dolan Park Hospital in Bromsgrove near Birmingham or The Pines in South Manchester.

6. After your procedure, you will receive a follow up telephone call around 2 days after your operation to make sure you are following all of the aftercare correctly.

Your nurse will also be there to answer any questions that you may have and to ensure you have no concerns since being discharged as well as making sure that you are fully aware of when your follow-up wound review will be.

7. Now it’s time to attend your post-operative appointment with your clinic nurse. This will be around 1 week after your operation for minors’ surgeries whereas for major surgeries you will have 2 post-operative appointments a week apart.

A major operation is a 2-night stay which includes the following procedures:

Breast reduction

Thigh lift

Abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck


A minor operation will usually be a day case or a 1-night stay and can include the following procedures:



Rhinoplasty or nose surgery

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement

Once you have been discharged by your nurse, you will be given the clinic number to call if you have any concerns in the meantime to call for support.

8. The final step in your cosmetic surgery journey will be when you are signed off by your surgeon in your post-operative appointment which will be around 6 -12 weeks after your operation.

9. Once you are all recovered it’s time to enjoy your results! We love seeing your transformations so don’t forget to tag us in your transformations on social media using #THGSelfie to be featured.

Are you ready to begin your cosmetic surgery journey with us?

Here at The Hospital Group, we are here to guide you through every step, in fact, all of our cosmetic surgery procedures come inclusive of 3 years aftercare as standard.

Start your cosmetic surgery journey by booking a free consultation at your local clinic to find out more about us and procedure you are interested in.


*The patient journey will vary between individuals and the exact details and timescales will be determined on the specifics of the surgery and the admissions criteria for the hospital of choice. This blog and infographic are for illustration purposes only and is meant as a guide only. If any concerns at all arise following surgery, the patient can consult with the surgeon at any time.



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