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When you are on a weight loss journey, Sue and Nic from BandBoozled understand that there are lots of distractions which can make staying on track a challenge.

Whilst we’ve just got over Easter season and its abundance of chocolate treats, Eat What You Want Day is just another occasion that can come along and wreak havoc on your weight loss goals!

We understand that it can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle and “life” just seems to get in the way. However, we believe that enjoying food especially on holidays and social occasions doesn’t need to spell the end of your healthy eating regime – it’s okay to be a foodie and you shouldn’t ever feel guilty about that.

With a gastric band in place, you already have a tool that will help you manage your portion sizes and hunger so losing weight whilst still enjoying life should be manageable. It could be as simple as making small changes to your diet and lifestyle, so you can still enjoy food and lose weight at the same time:

Try BandBoozled’s top tips at mealtimes:

  • Watch your portion sizes – with an optimally adjusted gastric band your meal should fit on a side plate. As a guide, half the plate should be vegetables or salad, a quarter protein and a quarter made up of carbohydrates.
  • Remember to limit meal times to 20 minutes – eating for longer than this could mean you are eating bigger portions and therefore consuming more calories than is necessary.
  • Cook in a healthy way – grill, bake or steam instead of frying with oil.
  • Fill up on vegetables, fruit and salads where possible.
  • Have a good protein intake daily as this can help you feel fuller for longer.
  • Be careful with snacking – try and stick to just your meals where possible or healthy snacks like fresh fruit when you can.

For those special occasions or days where you just want a treat then try these snacks that are all less than 100 calories:

  • A fun-size chocolate bar
  • A reduced calorie bag of crisps
  • A small glass of wine
  • 1 chocolate digestive
  • A low-calorie hot chocolate and 2 chocolate fingers
  • A gin and slim-line tonic or vodka and diet lemonade
  • Low-fat chocolate mousse
  • Thin malt loaf slice
  • A small toasted scotch pancake
  • 2 Jaffa cakes
  • Small bag of Twiglets
  • Skinny Whip chocolate bar
  • A Mini Solero, Mini Milk, Fruit Pastilles, Skinny Cow or a Twister lolly
  • 2 plain biscuits like rich tea

You could also try BandBoozled’s sweet treat recipe that’s low in calories:

Raspberry and Chocolate Meringue


  • Grab a small, wide glass and add a layer of raspberries at the bottom
  • Pop a small meringue on top of the raspberries
  • Mix half a low-fat hot chocolate with a dash of milk and make into a smooth paste
  • Slice a few strawberries and dip in the chocolate paste
  • Layer the strawberries on top of the meringue nest
  • Pop in the fridge for 5 minutes and enjoy!

For Eat What You Want Day why not choose your favourite meals but see where they could be adapted.

Most home-cooked meals could be adapted to make them healthier overall and to lower the calorie count. This can be done with simple swaps such as:

  • Eating more veggies or salad
  • Using less oily dressings and calorific toppings like mayonnaise
  • Choosing high fibre carbohydrates instead of the white versions
  • Removing skin or fat on meat or poultry
  • Reducing your portion sizes so you can still enjoy what you love!

Here are BandBoozled’s top ‘fakeaway’ ideas:

  • Burger and chips could be replaced by a low-fat burger with butternut squash wedges.
  • Spaghetti carbonara could be replaced with one made from quark instead of cream or swapped for a tomato-based pasta dish.
  • Pizza could be homemade using a wholemeal wrap as a base and lots of veggies as toppings – one of our BandBoozled members made these and they looked delicious!
  • Fajitas could be made with spray oil, wholemeal wraps, salsa as a dip and a little low-fat cheese along with prawns or chicken – avoid the nachos and the sour cream.
  • A doner kebab could be replaced by a grilled chicken kebab with lots of salad.
  • Spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread and cheese could be improved by not using oil in cooking, adding lots of vegetables, using extra lean mince and switching the garlic bread for a side salad.
  • Fish and chips from the chippy are difficult to make healthier – maybe share with someone so your portion size is cut in half or swap it to low-fat oven baked chips, oven baked fish and peas from home.

There are many ways you can make small changes to your diet and lifestyle so that you can enjoy life, enjoy your food and still reach your weight loss goals.

Here at The Hospital Group, specialist advice and guidance from our weight loss support team is a fantastic resource which you will benefit from as part of your package with us.

Gastric band patients have the additional support of BandBoozled, an online slimming club for band patients run by Sue and Nic with 12 month’s free membership for our new gastric band customers.

This is a huge source of information, recipes, meal plans and weekly updates which can help you on your journey. There is also a weight login area where you can track your weight and measurements and a Forum where you can talk to others with a gastric band and ask questions.

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