BandBoozled on liquids following surgery

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Following weight loss surgery, whether that is a gastric band, sleeve or bypass, you will usually be required to follow a liquid only diet for around 2 weeks.

This is important in order to allow the stomach area to heal properly as this way, particularly if it is swollen as liquids are able to pass through much more easily without causing any problems.

Gastric band experts Sue and Nic from the UK slimming club BandBoozled gave us their top tips for the initial liquid diet following surgery:

  • Liquids should be thin in consistency with no lumps and bumps – basically they should fit through a straw however we don’t recommend that you use a straw.
  • Sip your liquids slowly and have at least a 20-second rest between each mouthful.
  • You may find that you can’t manage much and you are having to sip almost continuously throughout the day. A recommended portion size is around 200mls and the focus should be on protein-containing liquids like milk, meal replacements, pulse-based soups and drinking yoghurt to aid your healing.
  • Aim to have around 5 or 6 portions daily depending on your chosen weight loss surgery and then drink extra water (or tea and coffee) to increase your total fluid intake.
  • A good tip is to measure the colour of your urine – it should be pale and straw coloured however if it is darker and more concentrated then this is an indication that you need to drink more fluids.

Your specialist dietitians will be there to support you every step of the way and will give you the advice and guidance you need during your post-operative consultations.

You will also benefit from 12 month’s free membership to BandBoozled as a gastric band customer of The Hospital Group where you will find all the meal plans and gastric band specific advice you need to help you towards achieving your goals.

If you’re looking for inspiration, why not try BandBoozled’s fruity Wide-Awake Smoothie Recipe?


  • 150mls of skimmed milk
  • of a banana
  • 25mls of unsweetened orange juice
  • 4 strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon of oats


Simply blitz all the ingredients together to create a simple and easy breakfast on the go! If you need to add extra fluid to create a thin enough consistency that is fine. Top tip: you can add some ice to the smoothie before blitzing for an ice cold, refreshing drink.

Are you ready to start your journey to a healthier you?

Here at The Hospital Group, specialist advice and guidance from our weight loss support team is a fantastic resource which you will benefit from as part of your package with us.

Gastric band patients have the additional support of BandBoozled, an online slimming club for band patients run by Sue and Nic with 12 month’s free membership for all of our new gastric band customers.

This is a huge source of information, recipes, meal plans and weekly updates which can help you on your journey. There is also a weight login area where you can track your weight and measurements and a Forum where you can talk to others with a gastric band and ask questions.

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