The breast ways to ensure positive ageing!

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As we age, our bodies naturally change.

Could breast surgery, breast reconstruction or a breast uplift increase your chances of living a longer, healthier, happier life through the principles of ‘positive ageing’?

Positive ageing is an approach advocated by some of the world’s leading groups – including the World Health Organisation. It’s a set of principles designed to ensure we enter our autumn years full of life and enthusiasm about what’s ahead.

And it’s crucial we do, because back in 2003 scientists[1] discovered that those carrying negative perceptions about their own old age could have a life expectancy more than seven years less than someone with a positive mindset.

Missing out on seven years means missing out on a lot of living, a lot of loving and a lot of happiness!

What’s involved in positive ageing?

Positive ageing is a selection of habits and techniques designed to develop and sustain a happy outlook and mental attitude.

Broadly, it involves:

Keeping fit through regular exercise, as well as making time to ensure your brain remains active and alert through mental challenges like reading, doing crosswords, or learning a language.

Maintaining strong relationships with the people around you, from deep conversations with family and friends through to quick chats with neighbours and people you meet during the course of your day.

Getting a sense of perspective that allows you to worry less about things out of your control and develop ways to reduce or manage stress when things don’t go exactly as you’d planned.

Enjoying feelings of purpose and fulfilment by setting goals – and achieving them. This helps to develop resilience and a sense of control, as well as heighten feelings of confidence.

Breast procedures for later life confidence

Being happy and confident is a crucial part of positive ageing. At The Hospital Group, we help women reclaim a love of their own bodies with three different breast procedures that bring a new sense of confidence in later life.

Breast reduction –

Enjoy a comfortable, smaller shape and feel your confidence surge when you have the figure that makes you feel great. Breast reduction surgery, which is sometimes known as mammoplasty, can ease physical discomfort by reducing the size and weight of the breasts – making it ideal for women with a large bust who are finding they are increasingly developing back or shoulder pains.

Breast uplift –

As we age, things don’t stay the same way forever – and we all know that’s certainly true for our bodies. If you’ve been affected by pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss or just the natural ageing process, breast uplift surgery (or mastopexy) could reshape your breasts. Our experienced surgeons can reshape your breasts and give you a tighter, more uplifted profile – as well as an extra sense of va va voom!

Breast enlargement –

If you’ve always wanted bigger boobs, havingbreast enlargement surgeryin later life could be the ideal time. You’ll get to enjoy all the benefits of a fuller, curvier shape – including all that extra confidence from your new look – and could even combine the procedure with a breast uplift. You’ll feel like a new woman!

Want more information about getting the look you want? Read our guide to 10 boob job myths and 5 things that happen when you’ve had breast reduction surgery.

Celebrate a new you!A confident you comes from the inside and out. It’s the feeling of being who you want to be and looking how you want to look. If there are changes you’d like to make, we’re here to help you achieve the body you want to have.

Say yes to a new look. Get in touch and start your breast surgery journey today.

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[1] Mind Matters: Cognitive and Physical Effects of Aging Self-Stereotypes; Becca R. Levy et al; The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, Volume 58, Issue 4, 1 July 2003, Pages P203-P211.