Spotlight on: Dolan Park Hospital

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The Dolan Park Hospital based in Bromsgrove near Birmingham is dedicated to cosmetic surgery and weight loss surgery.

As our weight loss centre of excellence- it hosts the UK’s largest weight loss facility! Here is what you should know about Dolan Park:

  • Conveniently located with excellent transport & motorway links and only a short taxi away from Birmingham city centre
  • Home away from home – scenic and relaxing countryside retreat
  • Our Weight Loss Support Team are based at Dolan Park so they are on hand for advice and guidance
  • Home to The Dolan Park Clinic so you can have all of your appointments in one convenient location
  • Spacious rooms all with private en-suites
  • Staffed 24-hours and open 7 days a week
  • Free parking
  • Caf on site for visitors

All our hospitals are CQC registered and DDA compliant.

Having weight loss surgery at Dolan Park

It is in your local clinic that you will first meet your surgeon or a highly specialist nurse or dietitian, along with your patient advisor to learn more about your procedure as well as having pre-operative medical examinations to determine your suitability for weight loss surgery.

After your weight loss procedure, that will take place at either Dolan Park Hospital or one of our partner hospitals, you will visit a local clinic for all your post-operative care and review appointments.

*For our patients with a particularly high Body Mass Index or BMI, there are some instances where they may not be able to have surgery at Dolan Park and would have to go to an external facility at one of our partner hospitals (and so the cost would increase). For example, if their BMI is over 50 or if they have certain heart conditions or have had previous heart surgery.

Having cosmetic surgery at Dolan Park

We also offer our cosmetic surgery procedures here at Dolan Park. The hospital is made up of 4 operating theatres and a minor surgery room, 30 en-suite bedrooms, all with free Wi-Fi and Freeview TV for your comfort. As well as specially designed consultation rooms.

Here at The Hospital Group, our patients receive 3 years aftercare as standard with all of our cosmetic surgeries, wherever you have your procedure.

Having non-surgical treatments at Dolan Park

Dolan Park is also home to one of our specialist clinics. Visiting your local The Hospital Group clinic will be the first stage of your journey with us, where you’ll have a free consultation and meet your patient advisor, Bridget Homer, Elizabeth Dutton or Sally Price.

Whether you live in or around Bromsgrove or Birmingham, commute to work or shop here, you’ll find our weight loss and cosmetic surgery clinic is conveniently located for your non-surgical treatments, weight loss and surgical consultations or post-surgical aftercare.

Finding The Dolan Park Hospital

Stoney Lane



B60 1LY

Find directions and opening hours for Dolan Park on the Clinics & Hospital pages. We also have London Riverside and The Pines Hospital in Manchester as well as a network of nationwide clinics, so we’re never too far away. Wherever you find us, choose The Hospital Group and you will receive expert care throughout your experience with complete confidence that your procedure is performed by an expert medical team in state-of-the-art facilities

Are you ready to start your journey with us?

Take the first step by booking a completely free consultation at your local clinic. This is your opportunity to find out more about the procedure and learn about the process, from consultation to surgery and aftercare. Following your consultation, you will also be able to give you a quotation of costs, so you know exactly what to expect with no obligation to proceed.

Should you choose to proceed, the surgery itself will be performed at one of our three dedicated hospitals either The Pines in South Manchester, The Dolan Park Hospital in Bromsgrove near Birmingham or The Riverside Hospital in London. If it is weight loss surgery that is on your mind, the procedure itself will take place at Dolan Park.

You will visit your local clinic for all your post-operative care and review appointments.

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