Get active! 5 family-friendly ways to get you moving for the summer

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If you’ve got little ones (or not so little ones!) around the house, it can be hard to find time for exercise as you juggle family, home, social and work commitments.

But keeping active does wonders for your physical and mental health. And by finding ways to keep fit with your children, you can create lifelong memories and healthy habits that will stick with them forever.

When the good weather’s here, there’s no need to drag yourself to the gym. There are stacks of creative ways to exercise just waiting to be discovered – all it needs is a touch of planning.

1. Be active in the garden

With just a little bit of imagination, the garden can be transformed into a family fun zone like no other. Got a hosepipe or sprinklers? Set up a running course where you and your children try to avoid getting sprayed!

Or take time to build a treasure hunt before the children wake up. Make sure every clue involves doing an exercise, and you’ll all be building up a healthy glow in no time at all.

2. Make the most of the park

Heading to the local park is a brilliant way for kids to be active. Doing exercise without even realising will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Pack a frisbee and the whole family can soon be laughing and joking as you tumble around the wide, open spaces.

Alternatively, set up challenges in the playground, such as counting how many times you can do the monkey bars without falling off, or start a game of off-ground tig and watch the little ones shriek in delight.

3. Go out together

Family outings are great opportunities to get everyone moving and burning off calories. Why not go for a walk in the woods with the promise of a picnic at the end? You could even climb some trees along the way.

Or gather your helmets and backpacks and saddle up for a family bike ride. The kids will love being out with you. You might even uncover some hidden local gems on your travels!

4. Try something new

Grab the kids’ attention with something completely out of the blue.

You could dust off your own childhood favourite and teach them how to hula hoop. You could fly kites and see who can keep flying the longest. Or get your groove on, set up a dance party in the living room, and bop ’til you drop!

5. Exercise somewhere different

If you’re looking for something new to try, why not head to your nearest rock-climbing centre? Or maybe take your little ones down to the nearest family-friendly Zumba class, where you’ll soon work up a sweat.

If the sun’s about – and you’re feeling adventurous – canoeing, dinghy sailing and paddle-boarding are both excellent hobbies to get you out of the house and keep you active.

The ultimate family fitness bucket list

When it comes to getting your kids – and you – off the sofa, there’s no need to be short of ideas this summer. Here’s our ultimate bucket list of family fun. Why not see how many of these you can tick off this summer?

1. Create a garden treasure hunt featuring different exercises

2. Climb trees

3. Build a garden fitness circuit (hopscotch, skipping, hula hoop, trampoline, jumping jacks, etc)

4. Set up a dance party

5. Fly kites

6. Go for a bike ride

7. Go for a walk in the woods

8. Learn how to hula hoop

9. Play frisbee

10. Play in sprinklers or with a hose

11. Play off-ground tig

12. Try a Zumba class

13. Splash down with paddle boarding or canoeing

14. Give rock climbing a go

15. Visit the local playground

Been inspired? Head out with the kids this weekend and Get Active with one of our many family activities. Share snaps of your fun filled weekend with our social team!

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