Introducing SculpSure: Next generation body contouring

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Welcome to the next generation of non-invasive body contouring…

We are proud to announce that we are offering SculpSure, an FDA approved system which targets and destroys fat cells in a safe and effective 25-minute treatment.

It works by using light-based laser technology to get rid of fat cells once and for all. During the treatment, applicators are secured onto your skin that emit lasers to heat up fat cells and destroy them.

Is SculpSure suitable for me?

If you have areas of stubborn fat around the tummy or love handle areas which prove difficult to shift even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, then you could be an ideal candidate for SculpSure. Perhaps your mum or sister have the same areas of concern and it is simply hereditary?*

SculpSure is best suited to those who are just a little over weight or an average weight, it is a great way to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat and is easy to maintain as long as you don’t radically change your routine by eating a lot more or stopping exercise altogether.*

It is designed for both men and women who are in the normal to overweight category on the Body Mass Index (BMI), people with a BMI under 30.*

Our top 5 reasons to choose SculpSure:

1. You can achieve a slimmer and more contoured aesthetic in just one 25-minute session.*
2. If you are around your target weight but simply have areas of stubborn fat which may not be possible to shift regardless of diet or exercise, then this is the treatment for you.*
3. Often thought of as a hassle-free alternative to liposuction, SculpSure is completely non-invasive which means that there is no surgery involved and you will not need anaesthetic.*
4. There is no downtime or immediate aftercare needed and you will be able to carry on with your usual routine straight away following the treatment*
5. You can enjoy long lasting results as the treated fat cells are permanently destroyed and will not return as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.*

Many of our patients tell us that SculpSure is a comfortable treatment…*

At the start of your session you will initially feel a cooling sensation that helps keep your skin comfortable throughout the treatment. This will be followed by alternating sensations of deep warmth and cooling as the lasers start to destroy your cells which will continue until the treatment is complete.*

What results can I expect?

Results can be seen as early as six weeks after your treatment although though it usually takes 12 weeks to see your final results. Studies have shown that SculpSure can continue to reduce up to 2cm of fat over a six-month period. Your clinician will recommend a follow-up consultation after your treatment to monitor progress. You are able to have the second procedure 6-8 weeks following the first to target more fat cells.*

Ready to start your body contouring journey?

Our expert team is here to understand the changes you are looking to make and help you achieve them. With The Hospital Group and SculpSure, the results you always wanted, could become a reality.

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Disclaimer: *Results may vary from person to person and treatment to treatment.