The Hospital Group have teamed up with BandBoozled!

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Preparing for or thinking about having gastric band surgery?

Whether you are starting your weight loss journey, considering gastric band surgery, or recently had surgery and would like to see more beneficial results, then carry on reading.

The Hospital Group have recently teamed up with Bandboozled – an online slimming club that is just for gastric band patients. Bandboozled was founded and is run by experts in the field of bariatric surgery – registered dietitian Sue Norton and registered nurse Nicola Harris.

Sue and Nic are passionate about helping people reach their weight loss goals following gastric band surgery. Working closely with gastric band patients, they came to realise that despite a lot of information out there and an excellent aftercare package at The Hospital Group, patients still wanted a little extra guidance to reach their weight loss goals. Sue and Nic were often asked for extra recipes, meal plans and an interactive type forum where patients could ask questions and talk to each other.

Sue Norton and Nicola Harris – Founders of BandBoozled

After a while Sue and Nic decided to set up an online support network to help patients throughout their entire journey. This is where BandBoozled was born… a unique, supportive and information based website that is useful whatever stage of your gastric band journey you’re at.

After a year’s preparation, BandBoozled has announced its exciting launch and is now live. It is an extensive hub of information, providing further advice and support before and after gastric band surgery. It covers a range of areas including:

Advice on the band itself – including advice on living with the band, band adjustments, managing complications, getting the best results from the band…

Healthy eating information– diet plans, meal plans, recipes, articles – from the early post-operative liquid diet right through to the longer term eating plan which consists of mainly solid, textured foods.

Getting active and exercising – advice on gentle exercises, all packaged into ‘The Gym’ section of the website, where you can find the best ways to stay active with a band.

Staying motivated – advice and support from Sue and Nic, their ‘weight mates’ and other gastric band patients is motivating in itself. This, along with their interactive weigh in station where you can track your weight and topical articles will help you maintain focus and stay on track.

Online forum – a great place to talk to others with a band, ask questions and chat to Sue and Nic. Bandboozled’s ‘weight mates’ are on there too, to share their experiences – they have all reached their target weights with a gastric band. The forum is moderated by Sue and Nic, so you can be rest assured the advice given is checked by the experts

How can BandBoozled help?

The gastric band is a great tool in assisting weight loss, in terms of managing hunger and portion size. However, you do still have to work at your weight loss – that’s where Bandboozled can help! It provides all the help and information you could need to work with the band and maximise weight loss results.

Members of Bandboozled’s friendly weight loss club receive weekly updates via email with new recipes, news and articles – receiving this weekly information in bitesize chunks can help you better digest the information- pardon the pun!

Bandboozled is accessible to anyone but to enjoy access to specific areas of the website, you will have to become a member. It has a lot to offer regardless of where you are in your gastric band journey, so make sure to check how it can help in your weight loss journey!

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Take alook at BandBoozled.co.uk in the meantime for a lot more information about a gastric band – no need to become a member for this – all the before surgery information is in the non-members area.

If you are a weight loss surgery patient at The Hospital Group, ask you Patient Advisor for the detailson BandBoozled discounts available to you.