What does Stress Awareness Month mean to me?

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Stress Awareness Month means different things to different people

If you’ve had weight loss surgery, whether that is a gastric band, bypass or sleeve, you’ll know that is a journey which can have its ups and downs.

So, it’s important to know how to keep on top of stress if you’re feeling demotivated, uninspired or are simply having a difficult day.

Here are our top 5 tips for those on a weight loss journey when it comes to managing stress:

1. Talk about how you are feeling

Having honest conversations about how you are truly feeling can be a great way to alleviate stress and abate our anxieties. Don’t be afraid to let those closest to you know how you are feeling and how they can help, whether that is a friend, family member or a member of our Weight Loss Support Team.

It’s so important to be completely honest with your dietitian when you come for your regular appointments, so our weight loss experts are based placed to help you and you can receive the support, advice and guidance you need when you need it the most.

2. Try not to compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others especially on social media can be toxic when you are on a weight loss journey. Whilst some people can feel motivated by the success of others, this isn’t always the case for everyone. Has someone reached their goal weight before you? Do they seem to be losing weight faster?

Remember that everyone’s weight loss journey is totally different and unique to them. Our best advice is to really focus on what you’ve achieved and how far you have come already. Read our blog about 6 ways to do a social media detox to learn about how to have a healthy relationship with technology.

3. Exercise can be the best kind of therapy

Exercise is scientifically proven to release endorphins which are known as the ‘happy’ feel-good hormone, not to mention the sense of achievement we feel after we’ve done something positive and pro-active with our day. Keeping fit and active is also a great way to stay on track with our weight loss journey, uplift our sense of wellbeing and of course, improve our overall health.

4. Remember to be kind to yourself

Yes, there are lifestyle changes that you will need to make following weight loss surgery, but it doesn’t have to be all-consuming and it’s okay to take a breather. Separate yourself from thinking about how your weight loss is going and do something for yourself.

Self-care is everything. Have a relaxing bath, read a book, do a face mask, whatever it is, make sure that each week you take the time away from distractions to do something by yourself and for yourself.

5. Think about the bigger picture and enjoy the journey

Rather than being overwhelmed and perhaps, feeling a little intimidated by the journey ahead and the amount of weight left to lose. Instead break it down into smaller goals and remember to breathe, set a realistic target and celebrate small milestones – you’re doing great so keep going!

Start your journey towards a healthier you today…

We know that weight loss isn’t easy, especially on your own. When you’ve tried following a balanced diet and exercising and it’s just not enough, weight loss surgery could be the start of that new lease of a life you’ve been waiting for.

Together we can achieve your goals of a healthy BMI, take the first step by getting in touch to see if weight loss surgery could be an option for you.

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