How to budget for weight loss surgery

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We always talk about how making the decision to have weight loss surgery…

Whether that’s a gastric band, bypass or sleeve, is an undertaking which requires your full dedication to making serious changes to your lifestyle. We also understand that weight loss surgery is a financial commitment too…

Everyone has different goals from weight loss surgery as well as different medical requirements – which means that when it comes to pricing, it will vary from person to person so that we can put together a personalised package for you based on your individual needs. This way, you are best placed to achieve results you might not have been able to achieve from diet and exercise alone.

How much does weight loss surgery cost and what are the finance options?

The cost of your package will depend on several factors including:

Your medical history

Your current BMI

The length of aftercare you choose

But it’s not as expensive as you might think! Here at The Hospital Group, we offer monthly payment plans which means that you can spread the cost of your weight loss surgery over several years.

For a more personalised quote, you can use our easy to use price check tool to get an idea of how much weight loss surgery could cost for you.

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Here are our top 5 budgeting tips when it comes to saving up for your weight loss surgery:

1. Sell your unwanted clothes – this will help you feel motivated and inspired as you are taking positive action and starting your journey towards a happier, healthier you. After all, your clothes won’t fit for much longer as you start to achieve your weight loss goals.

2. Kick the tobacco – you must stop smoking altogether in the weeks before having your weight surgery but why not quit the habit sooner to give you a head start on both your saving and your overall health too.

3. Cut down on alcohol – you will need to limit your alcohol consumption after having weight loss surgery (advice varies from procedure to procedure) not to mention it contains a lot of empty calories with no nutritional value which goes down a lot easier than its equivalent in food. So, consuming less alcohol is one area where you can afford to save money.

4. Limit your beauty treatments – regular maintenance like nails, lashes and waxing can quickly add up to a hefty monthly outgoing so reconsider what treatments are most important and think about what you can do yourself and what you need a professional for.

5. Take on some extra work – if you’re looking for an extra revenue stream to fund your upcoming weight loss surgery, then why not consider outdoor activities like dog walking where you can earn money whilst keeping fit and active.

Are you ready to start your weight loss journey?

If you have tried dieting and exercise but it hasn’t been enough, then you might have given a thought to weight loss surgery. Here at the Hospital Group, we offer gastric band, bypass and sleeve surgeries along with specialist guidance from our weight loss support team who can give you the tools you need to achieve your personal goals.

Call our friendly team for more information, they can talk through the finance which we offer and can book you in for a free consultation where you can find out more about the procedures we offer and can receive an exact quotation of costs.

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*T&Cs apply. Starting prices per month are intended to provide a guide only and are based on minimum repayment terms over a period of 5 years with 12 months of 0% finance and 48 months based on 9.9% APR. The suggested price also assumes the minimum procedure price, minimum aftercare length and a minimum initial deposit of 500.