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Mr Brian Simons

Mr Brian Simons

Consultant (Onco)plastic, reconstructive and Aesthetics Surgery

Consultant in plastic surgery NHS

Cosmetic surgeon Transform and the Hospital group.

Private practice in Rotterdam, Den Hague and Antwerpen

Member of the National association for plastic surgery in the Netherlands (NVPC)

Overseas member British association for plastic reconstructive aesthetic surgery (BAPRAS)

Applicant memberGerman association for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons (DGRAEC)

Registered with license to practice GMC in United Kingdom, BIG-registered in The Netherlands, rtzekammer NRW in Germany, Orde van Geneesheren in Belgium

Mr. Simons is part of the team of plastic and aesthetic surgeons of Transform and The Hospital group. This multi-talented plastic and cosmetic surgeon, has a particular interest in breast surgery, bodycontouring, female cosmetic genital surgery (labiaplasty) and eyelid correction.

He believes that, besides the state-of-the-art treatment of today, treatments arising from research will transform the plastic and cosmetic surgery of the future.

Mr. Simons obtained his medical degree at the University of Amsterdam. After his graduation he specialized in plastic and aesthetic surgery in various renowned hospitals in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, gaining experience in a broad range of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures. He was a former locum doctor at Nottingham University Hospitals, and fellow at the Plastic, Reconstructive, Hand and Burns unit at St. Andrews hospital, Broomfield and is currently working as a consultant in oncoplastic, micro- and hand surgery at various hospitals in the NHS and abroad.

Mr. Simons holds full registration as a plastic surgeon in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. He is a member the Dutch association of Plastic Surgery (NVPC) and oversees member of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS).

Mr. Simons believes in the natural beauty of every person and that with cosmetic surgery this beauty can be improved. He is dedicated to help patients enhancing their self-esteem while paying attention to the patients’ wishes and giving realistic advise. He analyses the body and plans personalized treatments to suit each patient. Based on his experience Mr Simons chooses the best possible options from a wide variety of both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to enhance the appearance of the breasts, body and face (from breast augmentation and breast lift procedures to lipofilling, liposuction and body-contouring treatments, labiaplasty and scar revisions). He gives a realistic advise and helps to achieve the natural look and attractive figure you dreamed of.

Mr Brian Simons has been granted 'practising privileges' to perform the following procedures for The Hospital Group:

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