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Carly Elliott’s Story

Gastric Band

After years of constant yo-yo dieting and being desperately unhappy, Carly Elliott decided to opt for a gastric band procedure four years ago with The Hospital Group. “I was unhappy, unhealthy and knew it was time to make a change,” Carly said.

“I chose The Hospital Group for surgery after hearing fantastic reviews from other people. This gave me hope as I was looking for a reliable, professional and reasonably priced hospital – The Hospital Group delivered on all three.

Carly’s journey with The Hospital Group was amazing from start to finish and she still holds great relationships with the staff today.

“I was always put at ease, I received excellent communication about what to expect and the whole team around me made me feel relaxed and confident. The highlight of my experience was establishing a great relationship with my nurse Nicky, I completely trusted her judgements and looked forward to seeing her.

“The gastric band surgery I have had has changed my life immensely. I had put my degree on hold thinking I would never go back and complete it yet. However, my confidence rocketed following surgery and felt I could pick my studies again. A few months down the line, I crossed the stage to collect my psychology degree in my hat and gown feeling amazing, my son shouted out from the audience “I love you Mum”- which for me was a huge achievement. It was the best day of my life and since then I have gone on to study further in Clinical Hypnotherapy where I am fortunate to help people on a daily basis battle all kinds of emotional issues. I even have my own website, you can see it here

“Nowadays I specialise in supporting people who have had weight loss surgery. I have put my uniquely designed and researched Hypnotherapy recordings into an app for people to listen to regularly found on the App Store under WLS or Carly Rebecca. I have also developed a great following on Instagram that I love communicating with @minimouthfuls.

“My family were a little concerned initially about me having surgery but they had faith in my decision. I have always been open and honest and this has helped them understand the whole process. Having seen how much my love of cooking has developed and how much variety and healthier options I now enjoy eating everyone is extremely pleased for me, so much so that two of my sisters have since gone on to have gastric bands with The Hospital Group!

“My advice to anyone considering weight loss surgery would be go for it! You get one life and it’s your time to start living it you simply won’t look back!”

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