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Catherine Cook’s Story

Breast enlargement

Last year, Catherine decided to join a gym and as she had been exercising more and more she noticed how she had lost some of the fullness in her breasts so felt having a breast augmentation would be a positive change.

’After coming back to the UK from travelling in 2017, I joined a gym and started noticing as I lost weight, my breasts started to lose some of their fullness. I decided that I would have a breast augmentation in 2018 and waited until the end of summer as I had 6 weeks off before I went back to university as it was the best time to have the procedure.

My friends and family were incredibly supportive, my mum and sister have both had breast augmentations themselves and my sister had hers with The Hospital Group in 2013.

They understood my reasons and helped me out through the whole process, my mum took me to the Dolan Park hospital on my operation day and for the next few weeks helped me with recovery and all the physical things I couldn’t do.

I had multiple consultations at three companies and after meeting my Patient Advisor Elizabeth and then my surgeon, Mr George Samouris I just knew straight away he was the one for me. I came back and had a second consultation with him and this made me feel even more confident with my decision. His knowledge and photographs of previous work made me feel at ease and really excited!

On the day of my procedure, the staff were truly amazing and had a sense of humour which I needed as I was quite nervous. I could tell they really care about their patients and want to make sure you are happy and safe before being discharged.

Following my surgery, I had several aftercare appointments and then a surgeon appointment at 3 months post-op. I think it’s important to have so many post-op appointments because having a nurse reassure you that everything is going well is really comforting as well as making sure that you’re doing the right things in order to recover properly.

The biggest difference is without a doubt my confidence, from just going to the gym to going out on a weekend. I feel like the best version of myself and it has boosted my self-esteem in so many ways, I don’t feel worried about certain clothes not fitting correctly and I no longer need to make sure that I’m wearing a push-up bra all the time.

I would advise anyone who is considering a breast augmentation to research the procedure thoroughly including the surgeon and the company. Make sure that you have a good understanding of what the surgery entails, the aftercare and recovery. Choose surgery for your own reasons and if other people aren’t supportive, remember that it’s your body not theirs and everyone deserves to feel confident in themselves.

I would absolutely recommend The Hospital Group as my entire experience was great from start to finish and now I’m a few months post op I have never been happier with how I look, and it has done wonders for how I feel too!’

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Meet Catherine Cook’s Surgeon

Mr Samouris was educated in medical and surgical training in Italy and Greece, before continuing his career in the UK.

He has served as a Sergeant Physician at an Air Force unit, as well as carrying out work within the NHS and private hospitals across the UK. He carries out a wide range of procedures including facial surgery, body surgery and breast surgery.

George Samouris

Mr Samouris was educated in medical and surgical training in Italy and Greece, before continuing his career in the UK.

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