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Chloe Morrison’s Story

Breast enlargement

After being involved in a serious car accident in 2011, Chloe, 24, was left with a broken femur and several complications. The trauma had severely shattered her confidence and she decided it was time to do something about it.

“I had considered breast enlargement surgery for approximately 18-24 months. Following my car accident I was out of work for 8 months and had to learn how to walk again. My confidence had been completely ruined and the way I viewed my body image, due to unpleasant scarring.

“I have always had one breast larger than the other which I found noticeable. I was self-conscious of my chest before and after the accident, however after a few years of getting myself back on track I was more determined to book a consultation with The Hospital Group.

“I chose The Hospital Group because from the minute I walked through the door into reception I was given a very warm welcome by the receptionist and the customer service advisors. Prior to my consultation I visited another surgery who weren’t as welcoming. It was extremely important for me to feel comfortable when making my decision. After having a negative feel elsewhere it felt good to feel in safe hands with The Hospital Group.

“My journey began in May 2017 when I booked my consultation with Dr Seno at Dolan Park. He was thoroughly amazing throughout the whole procedure. When arriving at the consultation with my parents, my mother came in with me. She as well as myself was very pleased with his opinion as I stated my desired look, and how we was going to achieve it. He took into consideration my height and weight and based his consultation on what was best for me. We then sat with Liz Dutton, and chatted some more about the procedure and I found her very comforting and understanding.

“It was great being able to talk it through with someone who can speak from personal experience. I tried on a bra with implants in which would give me a rough idea of how I would look post operation. Post op I was a 34B and I explained to Dr Seno I would like to go up to a DD at least. He chose 450cc and 425cc under the muscle, as he instantly noticed one breast was bigger than the other and I wanted to keep the natural look.

“My operation date was 14 June, and I returned to work on 21 June – it was incredibly quick! Before theatre, Dr Seno visited to take before photographs and then I was taken down to theatre. I was amazed by the results and discharged the same day.

“I returned every two weeks after, for regular wound checks to ensure the stitches had healed. When I saw Dr Seno four months post op, he discharged me and was very pleased with my results. I also had my after pictures taken. He reassured me of how well the procedure had gone and if I had any worries or issues not to hesitate to contact him at Dolan Park.

Having breast enlargement surgery has changed Chloe’s life. It has lifted her confidence and made her learn to love her body without thinking about what she had been through.

“Before, I had such a negative approach, from getting dressed on my own or in the company of my friends and wearing swimwear in public. I now have the confidence to wear bikinis on holiday and certain clothing I wouldn’t have dreamt about wearing before.

“My parents came to my consultation with me, and have always been very supported of my decision, which made it easier. Cosmetic surgery isn’t something they are fond of, however post-surgery they have commented on how I have changed for the better as a person and have a more positive outlook on life. My friends also think the same – they haven’t just noticed a change in my appearance but have noticed the smile I wear!

“My advice to anyone thinking about undergoing this procedure is to book a consultation with The Hospital Group and listen to the surgeon, they are the experts at the end of the day. I listened to Dr Seno and took all advice on board. When thinking about surgery, it’s very important that you know what’s best for you, and how it would benefit your life. In my perspective, I can’t explain how the results make you feel. It really has changed my life and my only regret is not having this done sooner!

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