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Jack Sawyer’s Story

Tummy tuck

After losing a lot of weight, Jack Sawyer had been looking for less intrusive ways to reduce the excess skin, but with all the medical advice I was being given leading to surgery I decided to look into it.

“I was advised to visit The Hospital Group as it has a good reputation, so after my initial consultation meeting in December 2016 I decided I was going to go for it – less than 6 months later, I had an abdominoplasty.

Jack had been unhappy with the way he looked and felt for quite a while and thought it was time to make a change.
“I decided this was the right time for me and I wanted to have it done so I could finally start to be happy with the way I looked, and felt.

“The Hospital Group staff made me feel very comfortable and it was clear that they offered high quality care. My primary requirement of the surgery was a high quality end result, and with top surgeons and an unlimited aftercare programme I felt this was a perfect fit for myself.

“From my initial consultation through to the day of surgery, the staff at The Hospital Group always ensured I was understood everything the procedure would entail. I was told all about the before & after expectations, including the lifestyle I would need to stick to before and after the procedure. This allowed me to realise this was a very real option with a professionally laid out plan.

Following abdominoplasty surgery, Jack now feels comfortable in his own skin.

“Clothes fit me and I no longer have any embarrassment in public situations such as the gym. If I didn’t tell anyone about the surgery, they wouldn’t know it ever happened!

Jack’s family and friends were sceptical about him having an abdominoplasty, asking whether it was really necessary, but despite that supported him throughout his journey.

“With the right clothing on, it was difficult at times to tell I had any excess skin at all, but I could always see it in every passing reflection that it was there, making me feel uncomfortable. My friends were shocked that I was going to go through surgery, but quickly realised it was something I needed to do.

“If I had to give advice to anyone thinking about cosmetic or weight loss surgery, I would always advise to try and lose the weight naturally as there can be side effects from surgical weight loss. With any surgery including cosmetic, make sure it is something you need, rather than want. Think about it for a few months and don’t make any impulse decisions as it isn’t a quick fix. There can be a few weeks of discomfort and a life lasting scar.

“If like myself, you are 100% positive this is something you want to do, all of these negative points will be over quickly, and you will be glad you did it.

“I had my surgery at the age of 24, as I didn’t want to wait to do it later in life – I wanted to enjoy the results as soon as I could! I am glad I decided to go through with it, and most of all I am glad I chose a reputable group to perform the surgery, The Hospital Group really were there to help me every step of the way.”

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