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Marlene McIntosh’s Story

Breast enlargement

After Marlene had given birth to her daughter in 1996, her breast size had reduced dramatically due to breast feeding and could only describe them as ‘cow udders’!

“I chose to have my breast augmentation in 2004 as my self-esteem had been impacted through my breast size reducing so much in the early years of being a mum. I was never able to go out bra less or wear a bikini on holiday or even wear certain tank tops as some wouldn’t look good with a bra so I decided to bite the bullet and get my boobs done, and to be honest I wish I’d done it sooner.

“Even now, 14 years later people think I’ve recently had them done as they still look as perky even after breastfeeding my little boys who are now two and three. I was worried about breastfeeding again after my last experience but thankfully it has not affected my breasts at all.

At the time of me having a boob job, it wasn’t all that common so naturally my friends and family were nervous and sceptical about it. I came across The Hospital Group online and was so impressed with their website that I booked a consultation with a patient coordinator.

I was in awe from the car park entrance, it’s very grand, and the reception area is beautiful and brightly lit with a warm welcoming feeling. All in all it was very impressive and the staff were very friendly too.

The Hospital Group was like five star hotel, nothing was ever too much for the staff, and they were very attentive.

“I would say if you’re thinking about having cosmetic surgery done, do it for you, it will make you feel better – just don’t think twice, you live once so go for it!

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