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Nicola Harris’s Story

Eye bag removal

Nicola was 39 when she decided to have eye surgery, and was lucky enough to have this fabulous 40th birthday present from her family.

“I have been a nurse with The Hospital Group since 2012. Working alongside the surgeons and seeing the amazing results gave me the confidence to go ahead and have the surgery I’ve longed for, for many years.

“My surgery and aftercare was seamless from start to finish. I was back to work after only one week. The care I received at Dolan Park Hospital in Birmingham was outstanding so I am very grateful to all the staff there.

“The biggest difference that my eye surgery has made to my life is that I no longer look tired. I struggled before with dark circles and under eye bags. Since the surgery my eye make-up stays in place all night which I love and I have gained a new best friend too, called eyeliner!

“My family were very supportive and like I said, even paid for me to have my surgery done which I am forever grateful for. Hitting 40 wasn’t that bad after all. The first thing on my birthday list was eye makeup – one in every colour please!

Nicola says that having surgery on your face is not something to be taken lightly.

“Seek expert guidance and advice from a well-known provider. I have never looked back (or tired!) since my surgery and am just so glad I had it done when I did, and didn’t ponder for another 10 years – if you can’t stop thinking about it, go for it!

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