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Rebecca Moloney’s Story

Tummy tuck

After losing seven stone over a two year period, Rebecca Moloney was left with a lot of excess skin around her stomach. Rebecca hired a personal trainer and attended multiple HIT classes at the gym but was still stuck with unwanted lose skin.

“I had physically done all I could. I had stretched my skin for 30 years and there was only so much I could do alone. I thought I hadn’t really finished the job off, whilst I still had the skin, so although the hard work was sort of done, the end result wasn’t good and was actually getting in the way. I decided to finish the job and that required surgery. In March 2017 I decided to have surgery and by the April I had it done.

No matter who you are, when having a surgical procedure, choosing the right hospital is extremely important.

“I enquired at a few places, one company wanted 300 for an initial consultation appointment, which would be knocked off the end bill, if I went ahead with them, however, I wouldn’t pay up front for any other service before deciding if that was the purchase I wanted to make, so they were immediately ruled out. However, The Hospital Group were very helpful and informative, they didn’t ‘sell’ at me and didn’t chase me five minutes after my consultation for a decision – which I was thankful for.

“My journey with The Hospital Group was very smooth. The staff were great; especially Sara Shone. She was very personable, friendly, not pushy and spent time getting to know me, working out when appointments could fit with my work commitments etc. I didn’t feel any pressure which was refreshing, so I’d really like her recognised as having done a great job. The staff at the Bromsgrove clinic were great and the nursing care after my operation in Manchester was excellent too. Again, I’d like to recognise the great job my nurse, Bernie did.

After putting in years of effort to try and lose weight but not getting the result you want is hard for anyone….

“There is nothing more depressing than trying so hard to lose weight and instead of looking better, I looked worse naked than I did when I was fat! There was an element of vanity about my surgery, but also, now I’m back at the gym, I’m not waiting for my stomach skin to catch up with me whilst I’m exercising – my skin moves with my body!

If there’s one piece of advice Rebecca could give to anyone considering weight loss or cosmetic surgery, it would be research, with a capital ‘R’.

“Just because something was right for me, it won’t necessarily make it right for somebody else. Also, be realistic, check out forums on other people’s experiences, it can give you great insight and is comforting to know you’re not alone.

“I would imagine, like me, a lot of people thought they would drop a clothes size immediately but that hasn’t been the case. I still have swelling and am actually bigger than pre-op because of not being able to maintain my exercise levels, however, for me, that isn’t a problem, the skin has gone and I’ll get my fitness back up and drop a size again then – for me, this is the end goal so I am a very happy person!

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