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Sally Barraclough’s Story

Gastric Band

Following a gastric band and nine stone of weight loss, Sally wasn’t happy with the way her tummy looked and no amount of exercise was ever going to help.

“No matter how hard I worked at the gym, I couldn’t get rid of the excess skin due to my weight loss. Having had a gastric band in 2012, I decided five years on that I wanted a tummy tuck. Having had my gastric band at The Hospital Group already, I knew what to expect in terms of care, professionalism and results.

“I saw my consultant, Marcus, 12 months prior to my operation. I wanted to book it there band then but life got in the way. 12 months later, I called the Leeds clinic and asked to speak to the patient coordinator about a tummy tuck. Because it had been such a long time since my initial assessment I was advised to come and see Marcus again.

I saw Marcus again and booked there and then. I had my friend take me to the hospital, and I literally skipped to surgery! I knew a million percent this was the right choice for me.

I asked Marcus to take a photo of the skin he removed (and he did!). After waking from surgery, the staff were so lovely and one nurse even went out of her way to get me my favourite food and drinks. I was discharged after two nights; I was more affected by the anaesthetic rather than the actual surgery, having said that I was back at work within 10 days of surgery. And the aftercare at The Hospital Group was great – can’t fault it!

“The difference this surgery has made to my life us huge. It has given me, myself back. I am now capable of anything – I believe in myself. I actually love myself. It enables me in so many ways, from being a better mum, to being the type of person I always knew I could be. It is categorically the best thing I have ever done. It’s not about how I look to others; or being able to pull jeans n and have the silhouette I have always wanted, it really is about loving myself.

“My mum has always been my biggest support and in fact paid for my initial band surgery. My mum would say the same as I – the surgery has given me, myself back. There have been many occasions when friend’s haven’t recognised me; in fact I remember being in the swimming pool changing rooms and thinking ‘what is that women looking at’, and then realising it was me, looking at me!

“Anyone thinking of having weight loss or cosmetic surgery done, just do it. I know it’s a clich but life really is too short. You have to be happy with yourself, it’s that simple.”

Meet Sally Barraclough’s Surgeon

Mr Sforza has performed well over a thousand cosmetic surgery procedures at The Hospital Group alone, and many more in Europe and South America.

As a testament to his skill and reputation he mentors and trains new surgeons in Brazil. He has most recently become a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and been lecturing for them since last year.

Marcos Sforza

Mr Sforza has performed well over a thousand cosmetic surgery procedures at The Hospital Group alone, and many more in Europe and South America.

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