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Sarah Bafarea’s Story

Nose surgery

Sarah Bafarea has got a new look. Her new nose is so natural looking that even some of her closest friends didn’t notice the change. However the ones that did notice, think it looks really good and suits her face – so a great success all round.

“I’m very pleased with the outcome of my Rhinoplasty. The change was subtle and not dramatic which is good because it feels natural to me. It has had a massively positive impact on my confidence. I’d been thinking about getting Rhinoplasty for six years, it started when I was a student but I couldn’t afford it then. Then four years ago I started my research and booked a few consultations with different clinics including The Hospital Group. It was when I met my surgeon Mr Marcos Sforza that I knew I would choose The Hospital Group. I felt that Mr Sforza was really honest with me about what to expect from the surgery. He showed me before and after pics of other patients that he’d performed the surgery on and they all looked great so I felt that I could trust him.

“Another factor that influenced my decision was that The Hospital Group’s price was the best out of all the quotes I got. As I’d never had cosmetic surgery before and I’d seen some horror stories about cosmetic surgery online; I was worried that I’d end up regretting it if I didn’t get the results I wanted. Also, friends and family put me off, as they would tell me that my nose didn’t look bad at all. This made me delay the surgery for another two years but I knew deep down that I wanted to get it done and this feeling didn’t change.

“On the day of the surgery I was a bit nervous but I knew there was no going back at this point. When I arrived at Dolan Park everyone made me feel so welcome and the staff were really nice and friendly.

Thankfully, after my operation there were hardly any bruises on my face just a bit of yellowness under the eyes and I didn’t experience any pain at all just a little discomfort, which is normal. Two weeks post-surgery when I had my cast taken off my nose was very swollen but it healed nicely and the swelling went down significantly over the next few weeks and months.

It has been 11 months now since Sarah’s surgery and she feels great.

“I’m so pleased I took the decision to go ahead. I used to really dislike my profile and hated people looking at the side of my face but now I don’t mind at all. I feel so much happier with my new nose as it also looks much better in pictures now both from the front and the side.”
Sarah’s advice for anyone thinking of having cosmetic surgery is – just go for it!

“As long as you know you definitely want to have it done, just do it and don’t delay. It makes such a difference to your life, just make sure you’ve thought about it enough, done your research and found the right surgeon. Cosmetic surgery can be quite pricey but it’s definitely worth it!”

Meet Sarah Bafarea’s Surgeon

Mr Sforza has performed well over a thousand cosmetic surgery procedures at The Hospital Group alone, and many more in Europe and South America.

As a testament to his skill and reputation he mentors and trains new surgeons in Brazil. He has most recently become a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and been lecturing for them since last year.

Marcos Sforza

Mr Sforza has performed well over a thousand cosmetic surgery procedures at The Hospital Group alone, and many more in Europe and South America.

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