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Stefanie Humphreys’s Story

Breast enlargement

Stefanie Humphreys is delighted with her breast enlargement procedure and would advise anyone considering cosmetic surgery to do their research, not to compromise and not let anyone rush them. As she says, it is your body and you’ll know when the time is right.

For Stefanie, the time was right after six years of considering breast enlargement.

“I had always wanted surgery from a very young age as I was not blessed in the breast area. My mother kept telling me to wait and I did but after my first child I started my journey.

“Before my initial consultation with The Hospital Group I went to a number of cosmetic surgery providers and I had so many consultations I think I could have probably done the procedure myself!

“All the companies I saw were good and gave me great information but it was only The Hospital Group that ticked all the boxes in terms of location, aftercare, surgeon and implant choice. As I decided to save the money for my operation it took eight months from my initial consultation to get the full amount. I then had two further consultations, one where my mother came along, as she was dubious about the procedure.

“The advisor was great and did not make me feel like I was wasting the surgeon’s time.

So I had everything booked and was incredibly excited. I had seen the nurse at the Cardiff clinic for my pre-op assessment, and she gave me all the information I needed including all the do’s and don’ts.

“My patient advisor was at the end of the phone if I had any questions and if she didn’t know the answer or had to clarify with the surgeon she got back to me very quickly. Two days prior to surgery Dolan Park Hospital called me and gave all the admission details, including what time a car would pick me up.

“The morning of surgery everything ran very smoothly, the driver was great, considering how nervous I was he was very calm and kept my mind off the surgery and we just talked about anything and everything throughout the journey. On arrival, the reception team was very welcoming and the nurse made sure I was comfortable in my private room and left me to unpack and pop my gown on ready for the surgeon.

“The next thing I knew, I was awake with a very heavy weight on my chest. I was expecting this as my advisor had told me prior to my operation to expect this. I wasn’t in too much pain I was just very uncomfortable.

“The following day I was discharged, I was very groggy but not in any pain. I had my 7-day post-op appointment in Cardiff and the nurse was happy with my recovery. They checked my wound and changed the dressings. I then returned at 14 days and 30 days post-op and at every visit the entire Cardiff team were very helpful. My post-operative appointments to see the surgeon were all made in advance as I had to see him again at 3, 6 and 12 months – at 12 months I was signed off.

“The surgery has given me added confidence and made me feel comfortable within my skin which is life changing on its own. I later applied to work at The Hospital Group as every member of staff I came in contact with was great and I thought – ‘I need to work here’. Eventually they hired me, and I haven’t looked back – I am one of those sad people that thoroughly enjoys her job. So for me, not only has my surgery changed the way I look at myself, it has changed my life and that of my family.”

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